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Full Version: Lupe Fiasco
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I've been listening to Hip-Hop and Rap since before I could even crawl. I don't think I'll ever stop listening to it. I like to think I understand what Hip-Hop and Rap stands for, and thats the struggle. Its music for those in the struggle of class structure and social standing. That means its not, "black music" but music for anyone who knows the meaning of hard times, and perserverance through whatever this life may throw at you. This is achieved through many kinds of music such as, funky get down and just have fun music or, introspective psuedo philisophical poetry just to name two. With that said, I have to say, Lupe Fiasco captivates the essance of my thoughts on this genre perfectly in his debut album, Food and Liquor.

This album is a solid listen from start to finish. Every track on his album is pure blue burning fire. Many reviewers have compared him to Kanye West. Clearly, these people have no knowledge or understanding of the genre. While the production values are of equal value, the content, pacing, and wordplay are totally different. Lupe Fiasco is a wordsmith crafting timeless peices of art. Painting images more vivid and mesmerizing with words then any images Vincent Van Gogh or Leonardo Da Vinci could ever paint with a paintbrush. His mastery of the english language and incorporation of writing techniques in his rhyming is just fantastic to say the least.

In closing, I find it great to see that really good quality music like this is getting air play. The subject matter of his songs are quite the oddity for any record that has recieved as much hype as his album has. Being that he is a devout Muslim, its interesting how his views and beliefs effect his rhyming and content matter. Rather then rhyming about pimping, killing, and drugs, his are more introspective thought provoking songs. Yet they are not overly preachy or heavy that they will turn off the casual listener. He also manages to relate the experience of growing up in an urban enviroment without sounding pretentious or ostentatious as is common in many rap tracks by various artist. Even cursing is kept to a minimum due to his ethical beliefs. But thats not to say that there are no fun songs on this album. Lupe Fiasco even pokes fun at himself at times and at some of the contradictions in the industry and society alike. But don't take my word for it, make the decision for youself by visiting his myspace page. If you enjoy Hip-Hop music and quality Rap at that, then check out his myspace page and listen to the tracks for yourself.

Definetly check out
"American Terrorist" ( I would have bought the album just for this song alone)
"Hurt Me Soul"
Ever since I heard his verse on Kanye West's "Touch the Sky" i've been looking forward to Lupe's first full album. Just got it yesterday and gave it a listen, so far totally excellent stuff. buttrock.gif
I'm really not normally a rap guy by any means, but i gotta admit, that's pretty good.
Vitamin D
Lupe Fiasco is indeed one of the best new talents in a long long time. I too first heard him on Touch The Sky, and then I heard Kick Push when I saw the video for it. I can't say anymore than what Breaker has said (in an amazing post I might add haha), but I do agree that Lupe is definitely worth a listen if you're a fan of the genre. If you're not, still worth a listen I say.
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