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Full Version: Important Battlefield 2142 Info
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On a peculiar note, even though the world is ending in 2142, it appears that advertising will still be around. Battlefield 2142 features in-game ads, though we didn't get to see them firsthand during our testing. Still, there is a printed disclaimer that comes with the game telling you that Battlefield 2142 will analyze certain "advertising data" on your machine to determine what ads to display to you. Ironically, EA says that if you don't want your data shared with its advertising partner then "do not install or play the software on any platform that is used to connect to the Internet." But that would pretty much defeat the purpose of playing Battlefield 2142, wouldn't it? Of course, you could always play single-player against the artificial intelligence, though the AI won't be mistaken for human opponents any time soon, and the single-player is still limited to 16-player maps. Still, this is an example of things to come, as we begin to see dynamic in-game ads appear in more and more games.

It's as simple as that. No one is going to force you the gamer to buy the game. Don't like it, then don't buy it.
Is it fucked up? I think it is, unless the game is free for online play. Then again, it's no different when you go see a movie and you see real life products being displayed in the movie (advertising).

I don't like the whole spyware thing personally, but it does allow for more effective targeted advertising, which is important.
I really, really hope EA advertises in a good, clean way rather than a barrage of popup spyware and toolbars. I'll be really upset if that becomes a trend in gaming. I don't want to ruin my PC box every time I want to install a game.

I wonder, though, does this mean that they're simply collecting data harmlessly? I didn't understand the context fully, but it sounds like they'll collect data and then display ads to you.

It gets on my nerves because I'm paying for the game, nor paying for the game plus advertisements. I don't mind the little slip-ins that they throw in with the box -- I can just throw those away -- but having perpetual ads for as long as I have the game installed, if not longer? You can count me out for Battlefield 2142 if it's going to be detrimental to the upkeep of my spyware-free PC.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see what kind of advertising they have in mind, if any bash.gif This is definitely not a positive development on EA's part. I wish they'd release more details on the nature of the advertising.
I think using the word "spyware" in this case brings up alarmist connotations of keyloggers, trackers, popups and the other bullshit you get from unscrupulous websites.

What EA is doing is more like in-game billboards, posters, video screens, and things like banner ads while you are choosing to join games from the server list and whatever. They aren't going to install some shitty "weather popup" app or search toolbar stuff.

It is interesting that they are using your interweb browsing to focus the advertisements more, though. Like HC82 said, its good for them, it gets the right ads to the right people. And since BF2142 isn't a subscription based game, one could argue that the costs help keep up the offical servers (although there are so many indepently hosted servers it doesn't really matter for a game like this.)

As more devs start using in-game ads to defer the cost of development, I hope they start passing it down to the consumer. Fight Night Round 3 (and from what i hear, basically EA sports titles) on 360 has in-game ads out the ass ("This knockout replay brought to you by... Burger King!") and it still cost $60 goddamn dollars.
Anyway you spin it, its still forced spyware and a privacy issue. Ads in games is fine, but when they feel the need that they have to track where you go on the internet for their ads thats a little to far.
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