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Full Version: PSU Ship name, level, floor, whatever
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Did we ever write it down what AT's ship, floor, level, whateverthehellit'scalled, is?
Like, where we all meet up...
I've searched the posts, but came up empty.
Vitamin D
Well I know that Universe 13 is the server we've been kickin' it at, which is also where The Arcade is. Now for a specific location on the server, dunno haha.
Yeah, we all just gather on Universe 13. Its all good because once you have someone's card you can just invite them join a party as long as you're on the same server. You don't have to be in the same location.
I still need lots of peoples cards, we should set up a meeting time and place this weekend. There should be more players getting online soon.
yeah, an old school PSO lobby meeting is a must. I say the 3rd floor shopping district in Guardian colony.
Green robot, Skew, is already level 6 and I have yet to see anyone online yet!

First of all, make sure you are on the correct Universe. Second, it's really a lot harder to just run into someone in this game. The city areas are alot bigger and other players load in really slow sometimes. It seems like you run into more people in the Field Lobbies. When are you going to be on again? I'll be on in about an hour or so, let's pick a time and meet up somewhere tonight. I can be pretty much anywhere anytime this evening.

I always keep AIM on when I am online, and even though it may show me as away or idle, try messaging me, I play in windowed mode and can see when messages come in.
The more I read, the more I get the feeling that I am not the only one who has trouble finding people. What with the four / five levels anyone could potentialy be on. Plus there is that weird lobby after you finish a mission. I think Sega did it all on purpose to force people to seek out new people.

I can't really say when I'll be on next. I was on a few times over the weekend and for at least an hour each time, but I was pretty much killing baddies the majority of the time.

I'd like to jump on tonight (monday 10/30). If I do, I'll fire up the laptop and see who's on.
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