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Full Version: Staff Openings
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i've thought up a few nes possitions for intrested members. they are as follows:

Ambassador: will handle Public Relations with other guilds and websites

Activities Director: will manage our meetings and activities. and will handle the informing of members about meetings ect.

Photographer: the only requirement for this possition is a vidcap card on your PC. will take group/indavidual pictures at guild events ect.

Reporter(s): 1-2 reporters at most, will report intresting PSO events and news/events on other websites ect.

data analyst: a possition for anyone wanting to write/compile FAQs and Guides for our site. 2-3 analysts would be fine.

any suggestions are welcome also. beigesmile.gif

-Sav, Arch Magus
*cough* no takers?
well I was waiting to see if someone else had any interest before I said anything, as I already handle the behind the scenes workings of our Net Infrastructure. If no one else wants to, I would like to be the PR director with other sites and guilds. I have been looking over a few other online guilds latlely, getting some ideas and seeing how they conduct business.

Guess I might be able to give out some PSO news for the GC ( like when things get updated in the lobby's and quests )

hmm guess I could sorta help in other areas too... ;x ( not screen shot things I don't have a video card for that yet....well I do have a camera that i can hook up to my computer but the pics' are bad from the TV ;x )
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