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Full Version: Fxii is here
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Went out bright and early this morning to pick up my game and book, got collectors ED. of both. here's what they look like, i heard people have said it wasnt going to be a good game but i dont care ;x i gotta have it ...thought someone might like to see *shrug*

game and outside cover of the books...
IPB Image

inside = art book on left guide on right
IPB Image
Picking mine up later today. Athough its not like I'm going to play it much PSU in my grips.
Seriously. I'm totally excited for FF12, but I doubt i'll even touch it till I hit level 50 on PSU :(. I guess unless the servers go down or something.
Holy geebus those guys can draw.
Vitamin D
I've been playing a copy of FF 12 for a few weeks now. Yes, I'm on some mad pirate shit. pirate.gif I'm going to pick up a real copy later today. However, like it's been said, I doubt ill have time for it. PSU bans me so hard.
Ah yes, I remember that leak. Square was filing lawsuits left and right.
I have not been able to put it down since release which is rare for me when it comes to rpgs as of late. Usually I play'em for about 4 hours and then never touch them again. I like the story, and the battle system and customizing characters is really fun. I love the mmorgp feel to it.
i played it the day i got it, then everyone around here started getting sick, first alyssa, then my mother then me. hopefully i can play today finally cry2.gif
I picked it up as well and i can see that the game is going to be awesome but for now i'll leave it on the side a bit untill i can get really into playing just that game for a week or 2...because of PSU and a little game on the 360right now called Gears of War...
Anyone else like the fact that they included the REAL FF fanfare in the game? I love that.
Yes indeed, its been gone since ffix
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