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Full Version: My shop is open!
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My shop is now open and right now has decently priced 3 star weapons with elements and some with out and few are even grinded. Visit Knightsword's room and not Linka's
I just recently opened my shop up as well. I just put up a lot of stuff in there on me.

I think the shop thing is a good idea to spread among the AT, especially since many of us are specializing in different synth areas. Orders can be put in over the forum and trades can be made. Just don't put it up in your shop cause someone else WILL buy it.

Ever since I opened up my shop I actually made quite a bit of money. Certain things sell a lot more than others. I've been moving 3 star weapons with elements like crazy, in addition to RA weps. If you can synth, you can make some crazy weapon. I've had my shop open for two days and I already made back the 15k I spent because I just kept synthing crap that sells (ie. grinders, 3 to 4 star weps and armors).

It doesn't hurt to sell grinded 3 star weapons either. Just make sure you ADVERTISE that your goods are grinded and mention the stat bonuses.
My shop will be open later tonight.

Also, I think AT members should put (AT) somewhere in their shop ads, so that when searching we can more easily buy items from each other, instead of random nobodies.
This helps keep currency more easily within the tribe.
As of right now I can synth 3 star strike(melee) weapons at a 80+% success rate, and 5 stared at a 60+% rate and 4 stared are somewhere in between those numbers. Hopefully by the end of tonight before I cant feed it anymore my P.M. should be past level 50(second evolution) with something around 40 strike/10 technic for crafting purposes. So if you provide the mats/boards I'll gladly synth for ya.

Prices are: 3 star normal weapons for m1,000; 3 star with elements for m1,500; and +m100 per grind level(if grinded).
My shop is open now! Nothing nearly as impressive as what's already been up, but it's a modest little investment right now.
Anyone w/ RA weps will get purchases from me. Whatcha got?
Speaking of shops, I haven't had the meseta to open my own. So for now, I obtained employment at Kari's shop as a cashier. I'm not very good at it though, and she yells at me a lot :(

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heh that almost made me spit soda on my monitor
I would just like to announce the grand opening of Crush-mart.
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