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Full Version: Next meeting date?
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Hello everyone! I was wondering when the next time everyone was going to be meeting up. The last time I saw people was the first day I got the game. I need to catch up to everyone else anyways, so does anyone have any suggestions on when we can all get together?
Most likely this weekend.

EDIT: OK so when is a good time for most (if not all) of you guys?
Friday night is good with me since I don't go out on Fridays....Sunday is good too.
I'd like to meet up as well, been busy with school this week so i havent had much time to lv up ;_;
now that my vacation is over my best day is Tuesdays, other wise its late nights
OK let's meet up sometime next week unless everyone is free this Sunday?
I have to work sunday night till 10 PM MST. cry2.gif
I am usually free most of the time, except 9pm on Mondays, and 9pm on Weds...other than that, i am usually open to anything
Ok guys, since most of us have the game already, how does Nov. 9th sound?
I know everyone doesn't have everyone's card.
Sounds good to me.
I might not have my PC up and back by then, but if I do, I'll for sure be there. king.gif
Yeah Im down like charlie brown for whenever
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