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Sweet mother of God...first of all let's get this out of the way first,i have never seen such a beautiful game on a console before,there's a part in Act 2 where it's nightime with a huge thunderstorm all around and man,just beautiful stuff.This is a 3rd person shooter but it's not a run and gun type of shooter,you have to use a lot of cover and it's a little more strategic then most game because of that set-up,you can also play the game co-op with a friend over Live,which i did last evening and that is absolutly brilliantly done as well.There's also some 4 on 4 multiplayer online that everyone is raving about that i have yet to try...

Anyway if you own a 360,this is an absolute must buy.... Roadie Run FTW. guns.gif
You know, I've totally been on the rope about getting 360 or a Wii becuase of this game. My brother got the game and is coming down this Friday, so we're totally gonna be hitting it up co-op style all night long. I wish I could afford both! t_t
This just in, this game is totally fucking awesome. I need a 360!

Edit: My Review of the game.

So like my brother recieved a 360 as a B-day present this October. He went to pick up Gears of War launch day and it just so happened he was going to be in town these two days. So Friday night, or Saturday morning, (you choose) I get home from work and after a few jokes on each other, we demolished some pizza I brought home and loaded up on caffine and prepared to Warrrgh. Gears of War Split Screen Co-Op. We started a little after 1AM and ended a little bit after 6AM.

First off, if you hadn't figured out by now, this game is totally rated M. These guys swear more then me! (thats alot! haha) The graphics are beyond belief. So beautiful, really makes you sad to see such beautiful enviroments in decay, damaged, and overall bad shape of the world. So much details are put into every little thing you see, its enough to bring a tear to your eye. This also means when you kill its just as sweet. Headshots with the sniper rifle are so robustly gruesome that, one can't help but have to say, "what the fuck!" to your self. Especially when you first see a head explode and see chunks of the brain, and brainstem, sometimes still attached to the cerebellum, fly all over the place. Chainsaw Rifle is composed of 90%awesome and 20%Sweet. You run up to en enemy and with the melee weapon, saw them in half ala Resident Evil 4 style. In the process, your chainsaw revs, buzzes, and strains as the monsters agonizing screams of pain make your eardrums bleed as blood scatters all over your screen and your character. In the background chuncks of flesh and bone being chizzled can be distinctly heard. Leatherface is put to shame by this game.

The story, its set in a post Apocalyptic world, where some kind of alien race has overrun the human race, and last remnants of life make their last stand on this world. Your enemies are a ruthless, mindlesss horde of savage beast. Not much is told from the start but you take the role of a convicted soilder, Marcus. Through character dialogue it becmoes known that apperantly the lead charcter was actually a great hero aand was set-up and wrongly incarcerated. Other then that, not much is told. All you know is that these guys are shooting at you and your boys, so you guys gotta shoot back! I'm sure there is much more to this tale that would be revealed as one gets near the end of the game, but I didnt get to beat the game.

In co-op your partners assume the role of one of the story characters that accompany Marcus on his quest. The game allows for 4 player co-op, offline or online. I've yet to go online but I from I've read, it confirms my theories of it being totally kickass. Now for the real meat of the game, gameplay. The game is a 3rd person shooter much like Resident Evil 4. Just like Resident Evil 4 the game is soooooooo freaking intense. Much more so with the ability to duck and cover; roll onto next cover. Its like watching a movie where as instead of watching, your playing and its totally freaking fun! (Take that Xenosaga and Xenogears and every other rpg game ever made!) The AI is also really smart. There where many a times where me and my brother where pinned down becuase the enemy was laying down great defensive firing complimented with sniper coverage. The worst was when they would flank us with shotgun wielding baddies. Then we really had to kick it up a notch. After a wave of enemies was cleared me and my brother would look at each other and be like," How the hell did we live!?" haha, totally awesome! The game has the fast paced strategy of an RTS, the simplicity of an Arcade shooter and the heart of a Tactical Squad based shooter. Its so beautiful how Relic was able to pull this off. This game is without a shadow of a doubt, best game 2006. I am totally gonna get a 360 soon and this game. I look foward to playing with my brothers co-op online and the few Apocalypse Tribers on 360.

This game gets 5 St. Rappies out of 5.
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