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Full Version: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
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Vitamin D
I was pointed in the direction of this trailer this morning. This game looks pretty damn good, especially for a PSP game haha. Can't go wrong with a story about Zack... and an Emo/Cloud ++ haha. Don't have a PSP, and dont necessarily plan to get one, but I think I'll keep an eye on this one. levelup.png
It's good to finally see some of this game in action. I've been looking forward to it for a while, but without anything to show, i've had some serious doubts. In any case, it looks good so i'm happy; However I can't stand Mina Suvari as Aeris. I just don't think the voice matches the character at all.
Yeah, bring back Mandy Moore! <3

But on the game related side... wtf is with the slot machine wheels? Undoubtedly these are the best graphics I've seen on PSP, though.
Aww man, I'm such a sucker for FF7 paraphonalia. I would buy a PSP just for this, but I'm not made out of money. The graphics look sweet and battle system looks somewhat interestiing.
The trailer was removed because square enix's lawyer monkeys didn't like it.
I'd be interested were it not for the fact that my PSP was stolen so many months ago.

I really wish they'd just stop milking this already. It's been nearly a decade since the original game.
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