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Full Version: Halo 3 multiplayer beta registration!
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To enlist you gotta have an MSN Passport, a 360 with a HDD (duh) and an XBL Gold account.

GET TO IT, MARINES! sniperer.gif
I doubt i'll have an Xbox360 by the time this system is released, so i'll say this; If they pull that "to be continued!" shit again, I may very well skip out on the game entirely. I was Angered by that. (Please notice how I capitalized the "A" in anger to truely express my distaste in that poor move by bungee.)
But look at the commercial! The whole game is about "welcome to earf!"

The beta will probably be this spring, so you still have plenty of time to get an Xbox. They say there will be multiple opportunities to sign up, too.
WoW! haha, they sure now how to hype shit up.

*goes to change his undergarments*
I'll give them that. They know how to catch my attention.
Damn it man, you trying to steal precious sleep from me again?

*goes to sign up*
Done and also done for the Shadowrun beta... beigesmile.gif
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