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Full Version: I can't believe I'm doing this...
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At the suggestion of Claymore earlier, I decided to clean up my drawing of Olga Flow's second form in PhotoShop a bit and put it here. Well, here it is folks...

user posted image
heh heh that's pretty cool. What you should do is get a hold of some screenshots of Olga so you can get a good idea of the detail involved in his design. When drawing a picture of an already established character, it's a good idea to zero in on the elements of the figure that stand out. For instance, Olga has that "Ruins Monster" look to him, with all the small markings and glowing areas. Once you've established the "feel" of the character, work from a screenshot or a production sketch so as to really capture the essence of the subject.

Here is a shot of Olga from the old site, see how he's got quite a lot of intricate design?

user posted image

I didn't have a pic handy at the time so it was all done from memory.
Hey, that's pretty good since you pulled it all from your memory. Now all you gotta do is add in the Gaels. ^.^
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