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Full Version: Defcon
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Oddies da Nerfed
Defcon is a fun little (60 megs little) game that gives up to 6 players/cpu total various territories. What can you do with said territories? Why build nuke silos, air bases and wait. Wait till the time is right then nuke the fuck out of your neighbors. Most kills, least deaths win!

Woend an myself tried a trial 2v1v1 with 2 AI players, comp kicked our asses. Pretty fun, and certainly a good time watching 3.3 mil dead pop up when you wtfpwn someones capital. Very simple game design, even a bit too simple at times with the nuke arks. But come on, you can nuke someone!
Wasn't this the game they plaved in Never say never again?
Oddies da Nerfed
QUOTE(Knightsword @ Dec 19 2006, 04:03 AM) [snapback]26196[/snapback]

Wasn't this the game they plaved in Never say never again?

Sorta, without the shocking, no pew pew pew and insta win nukes. This ones about massive nuking and population extermination. Simple, yet fun!
It really is fun, a quick download, (1hr torrent) very low system requirements, and yet wickedly brutal.



Good, clean, apocalyptic fun.

i mean look at this, lol;

IPB Image
I love the graphics. Looks very retro, yet chaotic and intense at the same time.
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