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Full Version: New Transformers trailer
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I want it to be July already
Hey man, I gotta hand it to Michael Bay, he knows how to make a good Trailer. We'll see when July comes if it meets the standards.
Well thats just prime...

IPB Image

"Autobots transform and roll out!"
Sector Seven
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Optimus Prime looks cool and all. But like whats up with the fucking retarded flame design on the truck. I could just imagine the execs running that idea past the director.

He looks boring, how about we add some flame designs and make him look extreme!

Why couldn't they just leave him as an ordinary cool truck. Not a peice of shit truck like that. They should have used the Truck Slyvester Stallones character won in that Movie over the top. That would have been dope haha.
because half a truck thats red and half blue otherwise looks like shit in real life, and the paint job is based off of generation 2 optimus
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