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Full Version: College Saga
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Vitamin D
Hahaha I mentioned this on Vent and it seems that no one had seen this. A friend sent me this video (well the first part actually...) to me and I had to see the rest. This link is the full version it clocks in at over 40 minutes, but it's so FRICKIN' AWESOME you won't mind. I promise haha. Anyway enjoy. levelup.png
HAHA, this shyt is great!

It made me realize just how bad RPGs are. Also, the ripped music from the FF's really makes the scenes enjoyable.
Other good touchs are some of the camera angle scenes being strangely iconic from certain FF games. I would say this is the best live action FF parody to date.
That was simply amazing. Being a massachusetts native, I do believe i'll be needing to make a road trip to the cursed structure.
LOL! This shows exactly why I hate most RPGs. Good Stuff.
This was actually better than most FF games, haha. Seriously, this was awesome, especially worth it for machine gun eyes Jesus.
I quit at level 6.

EDIT: Aw man, I must be tired, this was totally supposed to be posted in the awesome puzzle thread. :(
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