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Hi guys, I know you have not seen me for a while, but I can't get on to PSO :( I tried using someone's guide on PSO-W, but I'm stuck on the part where it asks me to make sure my DNS server accepts all things, I dunno. If anyone thinks they can help, please do
are you on DSL or dialup? if your on dialup i can help you with some working ISPs... let me know.
I'm using cable modem. I have Roadrunner if that helps any. I have no idea why this happened, I was able to just connect before without even having to do I get some message that I cannot connect to the DNS's annoying
Hmm i get this too many times. I hypothesis on this is that your router thats if you are using one is too hot. Im sure if you feel the bottom of it you will feel the heat. What I usually do is just powering down everything and let it cool off for a few hours. That usually works for me.

Sometimes when you do this it resets your ISP number and configureing it can be a bitch. I would suggest that you go to run and enter cmd mode and get you isp settings from there just in case. Even if you do this im still not sure how you set it up lol my brother usually handles this stuff.
Have you by chance, recently added new internet related devices at your house that would access your ISP on the same account as your Gamecube?

I had this same problem when i first got PSO. Apparently, MY ISP limits 3 MAC addresses per account. Mac addresses are unique numbers to all internet related devices (modem/lan cards).

To resolve this problem, i purchased a Hub by Linksys. This prevents my ISP from seeing several MAC addresses, by only interacting with the MAC address of my hub. (whee!)
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