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Full Version: So what'd you buy?
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Well I have the day off, so thankfully I was awake for the big day. I bought myself the new Spear and Saber PA, along with Dark and Light bullets for my Rifle. Light for my Shotgun to. :D

New clothes suck ass, male human side anyway. Looks like everyone is happy with their swimsuits though.

Decoration wise, theres a lot of models now in the decoration shop, ships, etc. There was 4 new room schemes to, I picked the yellow one, just looks nice.

(Don't mind my shit resolution, playing on the smallest possible in windowed mode, haha)

IPB Image

Bought a little vessel thingy to.

IPB Image

Good stuff, let everyone else know what you're stocking up on!

Vitamin D
Let's see, I bought a swimsuit, Light and Dark Hand Gun bullets, Every new PA except for fist, Double Saber, and Twin Dagger. Um, some more weapons, and that's about it atm. I'm mad that females get the dope sexy samurai armor and we get, as Retehi describes it, "K-Mart Capris" >_<. And we protested, and it was awesome. Imma buy much more later of course haha.
The new pa's save for axe, light/dark bullets for twin handguns twice over and the two for rifles, a sori-senba armor, the 2 new suvs, the samurai outfit and swim suit, the new female cast parts, another evil twins and mijin-misaki, and a orange g-flier for the room. I also took the time to level up the new twin dagger some and got it to 11, its pretty awesome, so far theres some kind of jump for the first two parts.
Is the samurai armor for non-cast females? i looked at the new cast parts for females and they just plain suck.
yea the samurai armor is for non casts, though I like the new cast parts, very sci-fi mechaish, the only thing I dont like is the back of the legs being uncovered
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