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Full Version: Long time no see....
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First of all, long time no see...
I have been quite busy lately in school, Washington State University, working on my degree in electrical engineering.

I was reading around the internet lately and ran across the information that the gamecube servers for PSO are sutting down April 1st at midnight (possibly JST) and it is kinda sad to see it go, and I know I haven't been around here so much posting, so, hey, I guess I can start up again.

I recently (a few weeks ago) played PSO gamecube offline, and couldn't complete ultimate solo EP2 (because I am like level 121 or something now), and couldn't clear the mini-bosses in CCA.

Anyway, that just brings back memories, and such...

As Alisha said in another topic, she is not the only one still on FFXI, that is my main thing I am playing lately, although it has slowed down lately.

My brother has decided to start playing it (kidna late, eh?) so he has a world pass from me, but everything in that game is so slow to do. Leveling has just gotten slower with the pass of time and the fewer and fewer players in there, but at least they are taking action aginst RMT operations very seriously now, kinda late for that though.

Galactia is still online there too, and a few other people I know, Crush.

Seeing all this excitement in PSU (as I am late to this as always) I should go out and try it. Everyone around here that used to play PSO gamecube I bet has it except me... figures.
P.S. I still like the seabed skin on the site Dive!

But, I wish we could still play EP1 and EP2 online, those were the times.
I might have to get ahold of a PSO server and set it up or something so me or others could play it if they still have the game and such.

Anyways, I just had to say hi from such a long time ago, and hopefully I am still recognized around here, although I have been kinda dorment for quite a looooonnngggg time... but I guess my account still logs in here for a reason.

See ya all later!
or mostly I am now known as Neola on FFXI, but if I change that here too soon, ill get everyone confused!
Wow.... long time indeed. Glad to see that you're doing well. I myself tried to get back into FFXI last march, but that failed horribly. I stopped just after Aht-Urgan came out, and then I got into the JP PSU closed beta.
Hey Shiek, good to see you are still with us! If you're thinking about joining us on PSU, now is a really great time to join. The game content is really picking up pace, and its a lot of fun to play, contrary to shaky first 2 months or so.
Welcome back comrade. As crush said, the content is really picking up and now is a good time to play. I was in the sameboat with Darkepyon, I tried to get back into FFXI but I realzed that I really did hate the game. So that was a bust. Since my semester is just starting I'm expecting my gaming time is going to drop off alot but I still squeeze in time.

You should get on PSU and join us on Ventrilo sometime.
Yeah, lately, I guess personal troubles and slight depression had made my gaming time increase lately with ffxi... not so good, eh? lol

I guess when I want to take my mind off something, I go play ffxi because I can find something fun to do in there or help someone with something. FFXI, I guess gets people fired up over stuff just because of the extent of time it takes to do a quest and what-not. I just learned to be patient playing... its all good, if you don't like what you are doing, or the PT you are in, go do something else in game... that's what I do when I get board of something.

I guess maybe I never felt the "stress" of trying to keep linkshell members impressed, or helped out with stuff, etc... I really don't care for the linkshells that like to suck all your free time away. Although I joined one lately, but the membership is kinda unique, it is what I like. I don't have to paticipate in any of the events or such, and on the downside I don't get share on drops or such from the events and such. It is more like a group of people for me to talk to and do fun things with then something for me to "get rich" with, etc.

Speaking of which, I am poorer than ever now in game haha.... but I am still living and sometime I will find a way to get some gil made... some BCNM or KSNM or something will drop for me someday!

Anyway, next time I am in the store or something I might see if I can get a good deal on the game and see what it is like. I am still sad that gamecube is shutting down, I wish they preserved the episodes 1 and 2 online somehow (like an unlockable thing in PSU or something). That would be cool. But, the PSU graphics just bring back memories of the gamecube version, they didn't change much.

Well, I'll see what happens with PSU and such, and my classes. Glad to see a few people still recognize me around here haha...

See ya later!
Oh, I have a question about PSU, did they segment the JP and US servers? or can you move about the servers as you please as in GameCube? I think that was one of the cool parts about the game, but you said something about them delaying updates on the US servers and keeping them behind (until they can catch up content wise I guess). If they are separated, do you think they will put them together once the two even out a bit?
The two servers will probably never be joined. The US/EU server is always about 1.5 months behind the JP one as far as updates go. I think it was sonic teams intention from the beginning to keep both regions seperated.

one time sheik asked if i could tank genkai 2 as mnk/war with him as smn/whm healing.... lol.... thats one of my last memories of him.
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