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Full Version: AT Bruce's Dungeon Video
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Diversions > Phantasy Star
Here's one of our 14:30-ish-time-left average games on Bruce's Dungeon B

donkeybeatz - Fortetecher (w/Bruce Boyde)
Dyne - Fortetecher
Crushinator - Fortefighter
AC9Breaker - Protranser
Kazicht - Fortefighter

1 - The Frenzy Wilds (from PSO Episode I & II Premium Arrange)
2 - "IDOLA" The Strange Fruits (from PSO Episode III C.A.R.D Revolution)

Time left on this one: 14:53

Click here to see ass-kicking!
Youtube edition!
We rule. Youtube this shit!
It looks like I have to split this into 2 parts or do some severe cutting in order for me to upload it to Youtube.. either way I'll get it on there ASAP.
After much refinement ...
Wait for it....
IPB Image

BOOYA!!! Good job guys!
IPB Image

This was our previous run, as well.
IPB Image

BTW guys, people are already beating A rank Bruce's dungeon. That means, from here on, it's A rank.
The video is great and we can use it as reference. We did things differently in the above times then what is showed, likewise Crush used his SUV blast at a key moment that was far different then usual. I'll give a break down later. After looking at the video, I noticed we really should of had Wind with Me and kaz after the two switch room hallway, where we split up.
Updated with Youtube edition
nice i wish i had mp3's of those songs beigebiggrin.gif
That is some great stuff. I especially liked the "Frenzy Wilds" remix.
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