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Full Version: Phoenix Wright 2
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Picked it up on release day and have been grinding through the story ever since. If you've played the games, it's very familiar and has the same quirky lawyer adventures as the first. It's still just as fun solving mysteries, and watching your DS counterpart slam his hands on the desk, to his trademark powerful finger point to raise an objection.

As you probably already expected, there are a lot of returning characters, and even more new ones. They dropped the single marker penalty system and changed it to a meter, which can prove to be quite challenging on different levels. Your meter never refills between days in the court, and the outside, unless you finish "Unlocking someones heart". That can prove to be just as difficult with that the meter is also implemented here, so you can continue to lose the bar.

So far, and unsurprisingly, up to case 4 (the last case) They have yet to implement the DS features from the last case in the original Phoenix Wright. I say unsurprisingly, because these are just ports really. Anyways, if you enjoyed the original PWAT, go and buy the new one and bask in its infinite enjoyment. It has just as many twists, and even better stories.

trophy.gif trophy.gif trophy.gif trophy.gif / 5!
Holy crap, its harder then before!

I failed the very first case. =(

The music is alright but I much rather prefer the original score. The one here seems like someone took the music files on their mac and tried making their own remixes. =/
I just beat the game...
i can't believe how much they manage to imrpove over the first version. I don't know, maybe it becuase I'm really into the whole Phoenix Wright mindset, but they manage to make the game better! I can't believe it.

For one part, the inviestigatiive sequences don't seem as tedious as before. Also, the plots throw at you are so totally unexpected. It really is so beautiful to be captivated in the whole world of intruige and legal process. I'm at a loss for words. This final case is so beautiflly magnificent. I'm speechless... Also, I take back my previous comment of the music. I guess it was just the dislike of something that was new. The music fit the game just as good as the first, if not better.
The second game in this series - at any rate, the second one to arrive in the States - will be one of the best written games this year.
-Tycho from Penny Arcade, in reference to Phoenix Wright 2

He was so right. ;)
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