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Full Version: finally moved out of suck ass FL
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just thought I'd say hi since i never see any of you guys anymore...i stopped gaming pretty much. I just moved in with my b/f who lives in TN. I now have DSL woOt back to playing wow a bit because i already own that game dont have the money atm to invest in anything else. Hopefully i'll be able to play something with you guys again someday hope everyone is well!! buttrock.gif
Congrats on moving outta FL and welcome back
Congrats on your move! But with the weather being how it is around the country now, I wish I was in sucky ass FL. =( Did you ever beat FF 12?
HA no ;/ i played for an hr like twice, been so busy with life i havent had much time, i'm hoping i get to play it more soon *sniff*..for a lil while anyways Jason is about take 2nd half of test for A+ certification, and once he finds something and i know his hrs and what not i'll be going back to work..there's actually life around this area ..its weird .. i see people >.> almost forgot what those were for the weather i still say F florida lol i'm sorry but 80* is NOT a winter to me ;/ i need some cold weather once in a while supposed to have some pretty nast weather here though and we dont exactly have the best clothes yet for this kind of weather had to go out and buy some new clothes for alyssa, should be interesting!
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