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Full Version: Update this Friday (maybe...)
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Diversions > Phantasy Star
Looking at the JP site for the XB360 version, it looks like we're getting another update this friday.

Looks like we'll be getting:
-Ch.4 of the Story Mission involving Maya.
-Hive Mission (C~S Rank)
-Parum Linear Line (C~S Rank) Sweet!
-Moatoob Caves (Galenigare Caves?) (C~S Rank)

Not sure if they'll have anything else.
All the enemies in Hive are Dark right? Gotta start forging those light 9* weaps!
Parum LL is the space choo choo right?
QUOTE(Knightsword @ Jan 24 2007, 09:07 PM) [snapback]26426[/snapback]

Parum LL is the space choo choo right?

Man, I hope so. That mission rocks!
you could find that out easy enough by going offline :o
offline the parum linear line goes to:
parum underground
Denes relics/De Ragnus but i dont know if even jp has him for a boss yet.
No one likes offline though.

Train on Parum: Really cool, I like the music there, but just seems like a clone of Grove of Fanatics. You got humans, and those annoying ass robots. The rogues pack some heat, what's worse is they're dark bullets, bring some dark armor. Mini-boss is some weird ass SEED-Vitance like thing, cool glowy spinal cord on it. >_> As the name implies. . it's just a linear level, pretty straight forward, no getting confused with map layouts. (Bext EXP out of the new missions)

Moatoob whatever: I didn't like this at all, just for the fact the mini-boss was a Bil De Vear. Really lame. The EXP was ok, those 4 legged fire things popped up in 3's a lot. so that was a good chunk of EXP.

HIVE: BEST MISSION EVER! To hell with Bruce's, this seriously prolonged the life of PSU for me, it's very intense. You'll be reminded of PSO Ruins easily. Megid flying all over the place, and enemies are really diverse. You even got Chaos Bringer like shits at the end, they'll mess you up bad. The pics I took came out really chaotic, you can't tell what's going on, so you get a good rush from this one. (tho I won't bother posting those)

Few pictures, note; my settings don't do this area justice.

IPB Image

This is after the new Moatoob mission, such a great view, makes up for the crappy mini-boss.

IPB Image

Wish I could make a snowman. beigebigrazz.gif

IPB Image

Some tiki tribal room in the back, good for just hangin' around.

IPB Image

Seriously, I could sit here all day, haha.

I'm really pleased with the new missions, hope to see you guys on later for some HIVE. >_>

(As for rewards, nothing stood out, just your usual 40 and 30 MP here and there)
Vitamin D
Holy shit awesome screens haha. Imma check these out, looks like a badass update.
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