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Full Version: 5/25 Meeting debriefing
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heya folks, just minutes ago our meeting and battle torney came to a conclusion, here are the results:

we have three new pledges taking their place in the neophyte caste. Mute, AC9breaker and Sheik.

also, two members have been promoted to the Paragon caste. Crawurm and Sgt. Retehi.

after those formalities came to pass... we took up arms against one another in a friendly round of BA6. in witch Crawurm took the victory over DarkEpyon and an overall field of 10 combatants.

congratulations to everyone! and good hunting tomorrow night in the Eastern Control tower!
Nooo I was late!

Remind me to never drink hot coffee and cold margaritas while sleep deprived ever again. bash.gif

Ahh well, Dive told me it was a very good turnout, glad everyone had fun. beigesmile.gif

And a Paragon Caste? Wooo! You love me, you really love me! *tear*

*stumbles off to find more alka seltzer*
The meeting was really fun, I got there right at the start and there were a bunch of AT there already plus a newcomer from another clan who wanted to check us out. We organized everyone and got down to businesss. After some formalities we had a photo shoot courtesy of AT's resident photographer Rinn! Then came the Battle tournament which was great fun, even though I was defeated by the mighty Crawurm in the first round beigelaugh.gif who went on to claim the grand prize as AT Champion.

Shortly after the formal activities ended, Sgt. Retehi showed up sporting a mean hangover while AC9breaker, Crushinator, Bryn, and I did Stage 2 in Challenge Mode with a pretty decent time. After that we met up with Layrinn, Sheik, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Dj Donkey in the lobby. After some lobby antics, Layrinn, AC9breaker, Bryn, and I took on Stage 4 in C Mode. I was a victim of lag and was booted from the server two rooms from Del Rol, but they finished the stage without my help or resta. Luckily I had completed C4 already but still a heartbreaker.

Sheik needed to do C1 so AC9breaker, Bryn, and I started that, but due to a couple lag induced faliures we had to retry twice. Third time's a charm. After that we did a few Ultimate runs and ended the night.

Quite a successful and fun meeting. king.gif
Yeah, thanks for the C1 run, could have not done it better pays to have a great c-mode team.

Heh, I seemed to have messed up when we did battle mode and accidently hit the "rematch" instead of "return to lobby" and to end the match I unknownly quit and DCed earning me a disconnect in my online score...oh well...I don't think there is a way to get rid of that, is there? Oh well, live and learn.

Kesho made level 80 in about a week...with about 62 hours on him. I think that was pretty good speaking that HUcasts can't cast J/Z to help get experiance faster.

I only had one vhard game I was in with two novice FOmars that got pissed at me cuz I was killing everything with my Vulcans guns.gif ...hehe...and they would not cast J/Z to help out and get exp...they just wanted to get up to them with their MKB/BKB and what not. Gosh, if you are a FOrce then PLEASE support the poort HUcasts that can not resta themselves.

While I am still working on Kesho's levels he is doing good at, I believel, 85 right now. Thanks Dive for Reversering me the whole way though...hehe. I did not want to do ULT ruins first, but I thought "what the heck." I hope I was not too much of a pain to keep up on..hehe.

Those first few levels after 80 are difficult in ULT, although not as bad as it was with Sheik. At least Kesho, being a HUcast, could take *most* of Falz attacks...just not the swipe on the last stage...even with 746 HP!

Now back to work on my mag raising...I am going to attempt a POW mag for Kesh with a twins seems it would be a good idea for the few times tonight we did not have a twins for the combo :o(

Anyways, having said all that I hope we do these meetings more often. It is nice to see everyone, although have already met everyone at least a few times. I am online too much as it is...PSO seems to rob me greatly of my sleep, just like now with my new mag raising..hehe.

Anyways, catch you all online later, I'll be around. chocobo.gif
Yeah, the meeting was lots of fun. Look for the pics in the appropriate thread in the next day or so.

Dive, that C4 session was cursed. You got booted, and I FSODed while leaving the game. =/ No major loss... I think. It had been so long since I played with Syfte, I have no idea what was in her inventory. I also had already done C4 with her, so no worries there.

Anyways, congrats to the BA champ Crawurm and all the new recruits. There'll be plenty of good times to come this summer. =) Did I miss something, or was Zeota also invited to join? I didn't see his name on the announcement, but I thought I heard Dive say he would sponsor him and such... ???

See you online!
At least Kesho, being a HUcast, could take *most* of Falz attacks...just not the swipe on the last stage...even with 746 HP!

DF's arm attack does about 900-1000 fixed damage online. About 800 or so offline. Not 100% sure on this though.
And yeah, I'd say this meeting was a big success. We'll definitely have to do this more often.
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ May 26 2003, 07:06 AM)
At least Kesho, being a HUcast, could take *most* of Falz attacks...just not the swipe on the last stage...even with 746 HP!

DF's arm attack does about 900-1000 fixed damage online. About 800 or so offline. Not 100% sure on this though.

Eh, well, at least with Kesho being a HUcast I should not have to worry about this HP problem for long..hehe. He should start gaining DFP and HP pretty well and he already has gained it pretty fast so far. I would have NEVER tried to take on Falz with my fonie at this level.....she would have been pwned SO dang bad. I was suprised I could take the grants only took me down to 250HP or so from 746.
I'd say the meeting was definately a success. We had a great turnout and took some interesting photos. Unfortunately, I had to leave early and missed most of the action. I can't believe you guys had so many C-Mode woes. x.x Between Dive getting lag bombed and Layrinn FSOD'ing, one might pull out all the hair from their scalp. Anyhow, big thanks for granting me official membership. I said it once, and I'll say it again, you guys have one great community here. I look forward to future meetings. ;-)
I feel that this meeting was a huge success, The last time I had that much fun on PSO was when I first got online on PSO. Those C-runs where fun especially the C1 one. The C4 run was cursed from the begin-ing (what the hell I cant spell <.<) Too many nanos and jells, but I say we did in a good time.

After all that c-mode I relaxed with some anime and watched "Full metal Panic" and "spirited away" Oh and thanks clay for the sponsor ship I'll do my best to make this tribe proud guns.gif buttrock.gif
A huge success indeed. beigesmile.gif I even had fun in battle, even though Zeota ruthlessly destroyed me, hehe.

A great big thanks to everyone (including tardy RAmarls suffering from tequila/caffeine hangovers), who showed up last night and made the AT gathering such a great time. You guys are the bestest! king.gif
yeah it was good times all around. look forward to more meetings in the near future.

i though i'd give you guys the BA latter and show ya who won and what not. so here it is

The Main Event

Claymore vs. Ann-Dro ------------> Claymore

Sheik vs. Robin --------------------> Robin

Crawurm vs. Harbinger ----------> Crawurm

Layrinn vs. AC9breaker ----------> Layrinn

Zeota vs. Brynhilde----------------> Zeota

after the main event, we had an odd number of combatants, so i resigned to continue running things from the lobby.

The Finals

Crawurm vs. Robin ----------------> Crawurm

Layrinn vs. Zeota ------------------> Zeota

and in the final round of the tournament...


Crawurm vs. Zeota ----------------> Crawurm

i also wanted to share that we had some stray "visitors during the meeting, a humar actualy walked into our group shot at some point, witch i found rather rude, so i made it clear that it wasnt a "public" lobby at the moment buttrock.gif
QUOTE (Bryn @ May 26 2003, 01:15 PM)
A huge success indeed. beigesmile.gif I even had fun in battle, even though Zeota ruthlessly destroyed me, hehe.

Bah! I found fighting you to be tougher than my bout with rinn (no offense bro), mainly due to the fact you were a FO. As we all know, forces have a great tactical advantage over the others. Bryn really had an edge over me, however the techs drink up a good deal of TP. However what worked in my favor was we were both equally inexperienced. Still an extremely close shave though, as with all of them. I don't think we were ever more than 3 levels apart from one another. Now if this were one of the old BA nuts from v2, it would've been extremely one-sided.

With Layrinn and myself, it was for the most part dead even. Again never really more than 3 levels apart the whole time. Our skills are for the most part deadlocked.

Craw had three key advantages against me in our bout. For one, being a HUmar, he's stronger. Second, his stature allowed him to hide behind the lower walls very effectively, thus throwing me off on several occasions. Especially when I didn't have the TP for zonde. Third, he's got a few more wins under his belt, which is implied that his ba skills would be more refined than mine, which was true in this case.
Even though i didnt stay that long i have to say i had a great time also,it was a cool meeting.Congrats to the organisers and hopefully we can do this again soon. teleport.gif
I had fun at the event, got to meet some new people and exchange some cards.

The BA even was interesting, I'm glad Harbringer didn't go into detail about our fight luna.gif hehe
my fights mostly progressed the same ( a little more action between each person i went up against )

It sure was fun though, can't wait for the next meeting :D
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