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Full Version: Boston ATHF scandal!
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This is probably the most stupid thing i've ever seen the public complain about. They're ranting and raving about light bright.

Its recent contraversy only helps enforce my idea to see the movie when it is released. No hard feelings Turner broadcasting. This is advertising you can't pay for.
Yea I saw this on the news today. I don't think its that bad. But the way things are now, you can't really blame them for thinking it was bomb or whatever.
You know, going by the title of this thread I was expecting this thread to be about wir or something Like "GAIZ I GOT ARRESTED FOR RUNNING AROUND ON A BRIDGE NAKED AND DRUNK!"

Is there a trailer for the movie anywhere on the net?
crap, I made the title wrong. it was spossed to be ATHF. :(

These guys rule
I think Turner Broadcasting grossly overestimated the intelligence quotients of John and Jane Q. Public.
The innocent shall suffer...big time.

I <3 the mooninites. It's perfect that this scandal should be with them.
crap, I made the title wrong. it was spossed to be ATHF. :(

Vitamin D
Yeah I'm still baffled by that. But ah well, that movie is gonna own so hard haha. levelup.png
After watching this youtube video I've really lost all hope in our journalistic media.

Its really so damn funny though haha
Vitamin D
"Inert here of course meaning not a bomb. Ever, at all." hahaha
LOL @ the Boston government not accepting Turner's explanation that it was an ad campaign. "We are investigating that."
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