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Full Version: My Rant about EB Games
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Monday night I get the call saying my preorder of FF VI would be in on Tuesday and held for the 24 to 48 hours. I go in Wednesday afternoon/early evening to pick it up I get told theres none in the store and to quote "not even enough for preorders came in"
Fine I go check Target and they hade none. But the kicker is when I go in to EB today they do have a copy that had already been gutted but they seemed to have "misplaced" the box and manuels and wanted to sell me that alone or with a ad box, I said "no thank you, I'll wait"

The point of this rant is one they did get more then enough copies for preorders and thanks to the gutting policy they lose crap and out right lied to me in the first place about the game being in stock. Bah
Its been my experince that generally the guys they hire at EB are fucking huge nabs. I personally go to two game stores. Software Etc. and a Private owned Game shop in my Downtown district called Toy and Gameland. The owner is some old Japanese dood who has a hard time talking english but can kick your ass in soul calibur using Astaroth.

Anyway, I'd recommend you find another alternative then EB and gamestop.
I do have Target but they just haven't gotten it yet, but as for game shops its the only thing close to where I work besides the Target (Downtown Minneapolis) I don't drive and the next closest game shop is another EB otherwise its out to the sub-burbs. EB/Gamestop bought out all the independent games stores here or drive out the rest like they did to a import shop in St Paul.
Allow me to give you some insight on EBGames, having at a time, been an employee of two years. EBGames has a huge risk factor when it comes to pre-orders. With games, they always let the 24-48 hour rule slide for good customers, and close friends, because they're people who most likely hate their job. There is even more of a risk when it comes to systems. Unless you pre-order a system in the top 5 listings, and have the release day off that you can arrive in the morning, don't do it. EBGames higher ups literally CALLS their store employees and manager types up and tells them to disregard the 24-48 hour rule on system release days. They give them a time, which is usually anywhere between 4-6pm on the day of release, before they sell your system off to someone else, otherwise, anywhere above 5 on the list and "your system" somehow didn't make the cut for the shipment! Prepare to hear good news though! "It'll be in next week!" wrong. It can take months, no joke.

If it doesn't have something special to offer with the pre-order offer, wake up during the afternoon, and find it at a bestbuy or something.
Horosha Onikage
Y'know, sometimes I'm just not sure how to respond to posts like these...

Much like Wiryu, I work at an EB Games. Now, while I won't disregard the fact that there are some employees who aren't all there, it honestly isn't like this with every store. I have good friends and customers who buy and reserve from the shop I work in from time to time and I treat them no differently than any other customer. Why? Because of the fact that even though we're far more acquainted, I'm not one to cheat anybody whether you're a frequent customer or not. And I expect the same from all my co-workers.

And the dealie with the gutted copy... Seriously, someone at that store needs to learn to hold any extra copies over if the last shipment didn't cover everyone. That's the rule and they shouldn't have done that to you. They should only gut that copy if all the reserves are taken care of.

I hate new system releases though and I can think of more than a few folks who will agree with me on this: Those times when we get stupidly small shipments (i.e. thank you, Sony and Nintendo) we hold them for the folks that pre-ordered them and get a flood of walk-ins that start bitching at us for not selling them the product. And then there are also those customers that only have a minimum payment on a reserve and wait well beyond the 48 period, drop by the store and get angry for not holding their item. Well, I'm sorry, but there are about another 100 folks that pre-ordered the same thing and are willing to pick it up at the right time instead of waiting seven days to come by the store.
Normally I would have just bought it gutted and delt with it (for gba games I make use of this site ) but trying to sell a new game with the lack of the original box and manuals was beyond any business practice to any customer. Not only that gutting in general leads to some serious loss prevention issues and some recent articles popping up kotaku and the like are reporting people going in to buy new games and getting either a used copy passed off as new or the wrong game out right and the fact that no other retailer does this leads me to think eb/gs is gonna start getting hit with law suits
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