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I didn't think I would be looking foward to much from the theatres this year but it seems like I'm wrong. There seem to be a lot of good movies coming soon and I just wanted to see what everyone else was looking foward to.

#1. 300- HOLY CRAP! Its like Gladiator and Casshern met up one day and performed fusion!! The story is that of the Battle of Thermopylae. But its not just a retelling of the tale, its based on the Graphic novel by the great Frank Miller. The director is Zack Snyder, the director of the 2004 hit, Dawn of the Dead. The movie shows alot of promise and has me really excited. Last time I felt this excited for a movie was when I first saw the trailers for the Matrix back in 97, haha.
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#2. We are The Strange HOLY CRAP PART2! I was told about this film over by the cool cats at ninjagamer. I checked it out and I'm really excited to see this film. The film was pretty much done more or less by one Man, M.Dot Strange. He has a youtube account and has alot of interaction with his fans and supporters and its a really cool thing to see. He premiered the film over at the Sundance film festivle, but it seem like the hollywood chiq weren't ready for this since many walked out. No distributors, have picked up the film becuase they say" it is too new and they can't market it " or something like that. So hes is currently in the process of making dvds for sale and even doing small screenings in selected areas of high interest. For people who enjoy games and the internet, I think this film has something you want to see.
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#3 Spider-Man 3 - I think this one was pretty obvious. The spider-man films have been one of the more better of hollywood films we have today, I've always enjoyed the Spider-man universe in the Ultimates universe too. They can't go wrong in this movie and I'm sure its gonna do just as well as the last two.
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So what about everyone else? What are you looking foward to?
I looking forward to this movie about robots from space that come to earth in search of a lost artifact. But theres two groups one thats trying to get it no matter what gets in their way, and another group thats trying protect humans from the other group. I hear both groups can turn into cars, jets, trucks, tanks, etc

I am greatly looking forward to 300 As well. Being both a History and an Art buff, i am excited that this film will bring both to the table by being historicly accurate, as well as Deliverying an undeniable Graphic feel just as the great Frank Miller delivers in his graphic novels, and last year's (or the year befores?) Sin City Film, Which i am a huge fan of. 300 Is going to be a rollercoaster of blood, swordplay and valor twisted up with the edgy, contemporary feel of Mr. Millers fantastic graphic novels, rock!

The Ghost Rider Movie
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Will also be burning up the big screen this year, With the comic book industry finally recieving some vindication from past flops, with the recent blockbusters such as the X-men Trilogy, the soon to be complete Spiderman Trilogy, and The Punisher. I have high hopes that the upcoming Ghost Rider film will deliver. I am alittle skeptical about Nicholar Cage's fit to the role.. but I feel he is a good actor and i hope he does it justice.
1- 300 most definatly..I am a huge Frank Miller fan, and pretty much this movie is just going to flat out rock..The visuals look fantastic and if you read the graphic novel, the story is absolutely incredible..And it comes out the day before my birthday..Yay me!!

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Grindhouse- The double feature horror movie project from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez..I am a fan of both directors, and having an old school double feature of classic b-movie goodness (one involving ZOMBIES!!) by both of them is looking mighty awesome

3- IPB Image

The Number 23- I am really not a huge fan of Carrey, but I do LOVE movies like this...I am all about a good mind fuck of a movie and this looks like it will provide it somewhat.

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The Reaping- This is one of those religiously overtoned horror type flicks..Hilary Swank plays a former Christian missionary who lost her faith after her family was tragically killed, and has since become a world renowned expert in disproving religious phenomena. But when she investigates a small Louisiana town that is suffering from what appear to be the Biblical plagues, she realizes that science cannot explain it...It looks really interesting and again I dig stuff like this..

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Zodiac- I love verything that has to do with the Zodiac Killer, and this movie looks awesome..David Fincher is one of my favorite directors and had pretty much never made a bad movie..

I'm looking forward to AC's list plus 23. I don't know why, but 23 appeals to me.

I love greek myth, so i'm greatly looking forward to 300, and spiderman has been my favorite super hero for some time now, so spiderman 3 is was on the list. we are tha strange just looks cool.
I see no one has mentioned TMNT so I guess I will. I just hope this one up makes up for the disaster that was the third movie back in 1993.
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