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Full Version: Maelstrom
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A vid I've been working on for PSU. Hopefully this will hype you guys up again to come back and play with us!
Haha that was good stuff, especially the music, fit perfectly (main and credits).

Good job!
Game guard nearly killed my computer, so I doubt I'll be returning to psu
Vitamin D
You guys started up again? "Shit Negro, that's all you had to say!" beigelaugh.gif Only stopped playing because my friend list would come up empty constantly haha.
Awesome video AC! Totally makes me want to get back into the game!

Haha, D, I don't think I even caught that quote in the sig until just now!
I for one never stopped playing. Probably play less then what I use to play cause of all the papers gotta do now. But I still try to play once a day.
I will diiiiive fer youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
But yea awesome video man.

I haven't played as much myself. I got a bunch of projects to do.
haha that was great beigesmile.gif
Wow, very well done AC.
Great job, AC! You're really getting good at making these videos.
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