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Full Version: Dulk Fakis Video
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Awesome...just awesome... buttrock.gif

I love how you introduced the battle of Dulk Fakis' second form.
Didn't even know about it until now, but anyway great job on the vid.
Would be nice if you could make one with the party being all AT'ers. spinning.gif
Vitamin D
That battle was oh so satisfying to complete haha. Kick ass video man. toast.gif
That fight was way freaking awesome. It felt just like PSO. I gotta get my video response ready for your video!
"So I had a planet dropped on me today..."

Great video, man!
You've effectively made me want to play PSIV and PSO in one video.

It was a great watch. You had some great survivability on this fight. I died to Dulk Fakis as much as you died to Magashi, maybe ever more (Gonna bring a STA unit next time). Here's to hoping the expansion has more epic encounters. Every boss is a pushover except these 2.

P.S.: This quick edit function is pretty cool.
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