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Full Version: GameCube Keyboard Options
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Allright folks, I was recently going over my PSO equipment list (with great anticipation for my BBA's arrival tomorrow *knocks on wood*) and I noticed one main piece of equipment missing: a keyboard!

Since it is painfully known that US users have been left in the dust in this area, what are my keyboard options? (preferably ones I can get soon, b/c I'm waaaaaay to used to using the keyboard from my Dreamcast PSO)
Well, the only "official" solution is the keyboard/controller combo made by ASCII sold in the japanese market. You can import one, but they typically cost around $70 plus shipping.

Then there's the not-so-official, not-so-good Datel keyboard. It is produced in the UK, and is also only available by ording it online from their website. This keyboard reportedly has several problems including "sticky" keys, laggy response, and mis-mapped keys. It sells for $20 plus shipping.

There are several keyboard adapters on the market, and this is where I think you'll find your best bet. (Ok, maybe I'm a little biased here. ;p)

The one I developed is notoriously hard to find simply because I don't feel like spending all of my free time assembling the things. beigelaugh.gif But I always have and always will be willing to provide them to AT members. Check out this thread for details on the latest revision. $25 gets you one assembled, tested, and shipped anywhere in the US. You have to provide your own PC keyboard to use with it.

There are at least one or two other adapters available from major maunfacturers for around $20 plus shipping. I don't have any experience with them, though. There is also another independant-made adapter available from
And if I might add... 'Rinn's keyboard adapters are top notch quality. Plus they work just fine with the $10 Micro Innovations keyboard from Wal Mart. I may sound a bit biased too but, unless you wanna fork over big loot for the ASCII keyboard, get one of 'Rinn's adapters. You won't be disappointed. ;-)
unless you wanna fork over big loot for the ASCII keyboard, get one of 'Rinn's adapters. You won't be disappointed. ;-)

Not only that but the waiting period is extremily long. I ordered my (ASCii) kb like a month ago, stll not here. mog.gif
Already ordered an adapter from 'Rinn =)

Now to call the Brits and cancel my order with them...
Just for everyone's info, me and a friend assemble the adapters that have been know as "" adapters. Designed independently by me with a few tips from 'Rinn. The adapter that 'Rinn sells has a few features that mine lacks, but my idea was to get an adapter solution out available to help meet the demand at the time. I still have boards for about 150 of them that I need to sell though, and they are going slowly off eBay.

I have added the feature in lately that uses the "scroll lock" key to change between US and JP mode on the fly, and plan to eventually add the other 3 region layouts in when time permits for me to up date my code and spend some time figuring them out.

Anyways, not to complete with 'Rinn's design, mine is on EBay, but you will get one cheaper from him for $25 verses what ours is listed as a buy-it-now for #29.99.

Having said that I am sure you will enjoy what ever option that you go with. I personally also have a ASCII keyboard, but I do not use it as I prefer using my wireless Logitech keyboard..hehe.

You will be thankful once you get your keyboard...will not know how you lived with out it. beigelaugh.gif
Thanks for the kind words, everyone. =) I'm glad you're all happy with them.

QUOTE (Oneida @ May 27 2003, 11:26 AM)
Already ordered an adapter from 'Rinn =)

Now to call the Brits and cancel my order with them...

Oneida, your's is on the way today as promised. =)

AC9, if you ever get tired of waiting (or you want to save some money ;p) then lemme know. ;)
At the time I imported in September, the ASCII one was my only option. The keys are smaller than a standard keyboard, but after 8 months with it, one can't help but to get used to it. At least if it ever shits the bed (like I thought it did a couple months ago) I know who to call for another keyboard.
QUOTE (Layrinn @ May 27 2003, 03:20 PM)
Oneida, your's is on the way today as promised. =)

Thank you so much!

Today I got my BBA via UPS, but unfortunately there's some incomptibility somewhere between my campus's MAC filtering network and PSO. I registered the GC's MAC adress on the network and everything, but it still won't work, so I'm currently rigging up my own custom PSO DHCP server to handle this little crisis... hope it works *crosses fingers*
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