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Full Version: 300
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Just came back from a late screening...

It was EPIC!
Totally lived up to the hype.

scu.gif scu.gif scu.gif scu.gif scu.gif
5 SCU's outta 5
Vitamin D
Tight man, imma try and catch it next week sometime. It looks dope. ninja2.gif
Oddies da Nerfed
Indeed, epic movie. Violent, bloody, everything you'd expect out of a movie involving Spartans. Hollywooded up a little, but more than makes up for any asstastic movies like Troy or Alexander where they love storied it up till they ruined it. For 300, see it, see it again, buy it when you can, and watch it lots. It is just that good.
Yeah, 300 was just flat out awesome. The slick visual style of the movie kept you glued to the screen the entire time, the story is totally cool, music is epic. Just a great movie guitarist.gif


After seeing it i'm totally psyched to play God of War 2 beigelaugh.gif
I really liked the visuals in the movie--color palette, costuming, and fight choreography.

And a practically-naked David Wenham didn't hurt at all.
This films rocks all kinds of ass! guitarist.gif
Saw it late last night... Two words...

F*cking Legendary
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