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Full Version: A moment of silence...
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We shall never forget!

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Let us reflect on the events that brought us to this.
I could of sworn they already killed him off back in the mid 90s. Kinda to gain some money off the whole Death of Superman popularity.
At least he wasn't turned into the new female Ultron like Iron Man was
Brad delp from the band boston died too. fo shame.
QUOTE(Scan_Man @ Mar 12 2007, 05:01 PM) [snapback]26643[/snapback]

I could of sworn they already killed him off back in the mid 90s. Kinda to gain some money off the whole Death of Superman popularity.

Obviously you haven't been reading The Ultimates. Since this guy owns so hard they needed something to take away from the awesemness of Capt. Needless to say He was pretty fucking OG there.

I don't consider the Ultimate versions to even exsist. I never liked the idea of revamping years and years of lore and making, what I consider silly changes for the sake of modernization, or to be hip. Take for example Nick Fury being black. I understand the plausibility factor for changes some things since science has come a long way in the past 50 years.

Does anyone even read comics books anymore?
I think you should try it before you knock it. By saying that then you should hate all the comic movies that have been made and will be made. They all deviate from the lore and history from the comics in one way or another but that doesn't mean they're bad. Just look at the Spider-Man animated TV-Series compared to the comics. Particularly the introduction of Venom. The comics introduce him during the secret wars while the animated series introduces venom through that space rock they found and, last I heard the Spider-Man 3 movie was going to introduce venom as a experimental cure for cancer or something like that, very similar to the Ultimate version of Spider-Man. Despite the change in its explaination I'm sure the movie is going to be awesome just like the animated series was awesome. Its like PSO and now we have PSU. As much as I loved PSO I wouldn't want to play PSU again after playing it for 5 years.

The comic book industry was dying a slow death but thanks to all the "modernizations" they experience a surge. Look at the awesome Civil War mini-series we have going or If you're still skeptical about these "new, cool, young, and hip" ideas being incorporated in the comics I only have one thing to say to you. Marvel Zombies.
MY favorite era in the Capt. America timeline was the early years, circa wWWII, When the Capt. was fighting evil fascist Nazi's and The Red Skull Granted it had alot of political backdrops, and could even be concidered anti-axis propaganda, but hey, it was damn cool, and relevant to actual world-events of the era. And fighting nazi's is always a good thing.

R.I.P., Real American Hero.

I stopped reading comics sometime in the late 90's, so i am completely at a loss for anything to say about the whole "ultimate" revisions to the lore of the marvel universe.
Civil War was a sad joke, most of the tie-ins made no sense or out right wrong info, the main series was months late (the whole thing was suppose to be done last Sept.) and all it did was piss off comic fans again after the last 2 marvel epics which also sucked badly
I thought they where pretty badass and fun to read. Guess it's becuase I'm still young. ewj1hy.gif
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