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Full Version: Pirates 3 Trailer
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pirates 3 @ youtube
Two words...

Ninja pirates. ninja2.gif
Chow Yun Fat = pirate i hope this means good fight scenes
This movie looks so fake. I can see the strings!
chow yun fat the ninja pirate! ninja2.gif
Looks like a good movie...however, anyone wonder if there'll be a ninja vs. pirate scene? It's a concept that floated around for some time and I'm wondering what Hollywood's opinion in the matter is...
Chinese warlord does not equal ninja
QUOTE(Knightsword @ Mar 22 2007, 09:30 PM) [snapback]26730[/snapback]

Chinese warlord does not equal ninja

I'm afraid that is where you're wrong. Everyone knows that if you're asian, you know karate. And if you know karate and you're a pirate you are a ninja pirate. This guy. beigerolleyes.gif
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