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Full Version: Keyboard adapter update
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Well, it's been about five months since the first Happy Fun Box keyboard adapter came online... and I'm happy to bring you the first major revision to the design.

I won't bore you will all the intricate details of why this new design kicks the old one's ass. I'll just tell you what it means to you, the user.

1. The adapter now has vastly improved compatibility. It should now work with every PC PS/2 style keyboard. So far, every keyboard we've tried has worked... from the cheapest old thing we could pull off the junk heap all the way to my Logitech cordless model.

2. Support for five different regional layouts. PSO supoprts five different language settings: English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish. My adapter now functions correctly with keyboards from those regions. Granted, this doesn't mean much for you US players... but you can make a bunch of funky symbols! =D And you can set the game's language to JP and the keyboard mode to JP and type in the funky font you see all over Pioneer II.

3. Quite possibly the coolest addition: You can record and play back keyboard macros. Use them to automate setting up team names or mag feeding. Press one button to search every card on a page.

Since there are so many adapters and stuff available on the market now, I probably won't be doing any more major distribution. But, as always, I'll build them for AT members and publish the design on my web site. Those of you who already have one of mine, don't worry I haven't forgotten about you! The good news is I'll upgrade your adapter for free. The bad news is about the only feasible way to do this is for you to send it back to me. =/ I know this kinda sucks 'cause of the down-time associated with it, so if I can come up with another way of doing it I'll let you know. In the mean time, PM me if you're interested.
Thank you so much 'Rinn!

Wow, those additions do sound exciting. However, I'm not sure if I wanna go without a keyboard again... even if for just a short while. It's pretty painful being online without one. I guess I'll give it some thought and get back to ya. ;-)
Wow, that macro feature sounds jawsome. How many keystrokes/buttons does it remember?
QUOTE (Crushinator @ May 27 2003, 12:56 PM)
Wow, that macro feature sounds jawsome. How many keystrokes/buttons does it remember?

Yeah great work 'Rinn, that is a really quite an innovative achievement. I congratulate you on programming such a cool feature into the adapter. Congratulations on your latest adapter code revision, I know it can be a lot of work writing that code...from experience, heheh.
On another note, I know you have decided not to, but you really should sell these things like the older model adapters. Just add a fabricated PCB to the kit and it will be really cool. I am sure you would get a lot of business with all the features you have added into it.

I am not sure how many people had difficulty assembling the first models, but add a PCB board and there should be no difficulties.

With my boards, it takes under 5 minutes to assemble, but another 5 minutes to attach the wires from the PS/2 and GCN cables. That is the biggest pain, but besides that the PCBs assemble pretty dang quick.
QUOTE (Crushinator @ May 27 2003, 12:56 PM)
Wow, that macro feature sounds jawsome. How many keystrokes/buttons does it remember?

Crushinator, I talked to him last night about it and there are 4 macro keys with 30 keystrokes that can be recorded each. Correct me if I am wrong.
Well yeah... on the current hardware, which is what you all have, I can implement two macros of 30 keystrokes each. On the new and improved hardware, I can implement four marcos of 30 keystrokes each. I can simply reprogram the chips in your current adapters to the new version. This would give you all the features mentioned above and the ability to use two macros. The four-macro version requires new hardware... fortunately, it's actually less expensive to make the new ones than the old ones. (I'm still not quite sure how that worked out... o.O)

The macros are user programmable. Just hit the pause key followed by F9 - F12, depending on which macro bank you want to program... then wait a second and start entering the keystrokes normally. The game responds just like usual while you're recording, so it's easy to tell what you're doing. Program functions to do just about anything you can do in game with the keyboard!

Anyways... I have ordered a handful of parts to make the new-style adapters with. But I'm still not gonna do anything large-scale. No eBay sales or junk like that... these will be sold through personal contact with me, kinda like the arrangement I had with you all here. I'm also still trying to think of a way to update those of you who want it that doesn't involve either a) several days of down-time while your adapter is going back and forth in the mail... or b) me having a pile of chips that I don't really need left over.


I'll keep you all posted on any developments. In the mean time, if you have any questions PM me or post 'em here. =)

See you online!
I've gone without a kb for too long :( I'd like to know if I could get an adapter from you 'Rinn, if you could pm me on the boards to discuss this or talk to me on AIM when you're all done moving, I'd be too happy king.gif
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