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Full Version: ATTN: HC, Kaz, Woe, Etc crew of Arathor.
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So while you guys are busy fondling bears and molesting turtles, I sneak onto vent and spy on you doodz. After careful observation and analysis I've come to one conclusion. You doods suck so I need to help you doodz to "lrn 2 ply" Therefore I've found some very intruiging guides that I think all you doods should look into. Feel free to thank me later after you guys have completed your raids.

Cheat guides.

Cheat page #2

Cheat page #3

F'ing Legendary, undoubtedly.


It is possible for players lower than 18 to run this instance, but the majority of those who try seem to ultimately fail and suffer from the dreaded heartbreak debuff. However lvl 16 is about the maximum lowest I would suggest attempting this instance. (btw, for lvl 20ís and over, itís recommended that you reset your hearth from your parentís house, to your own place. Continuing to live with your parents may cause a massive decrease in rep with your mobís faction, and could cause problems when trying to tank her since your parents may spawn in and start throwing down massive debuffs.)

Hahaha, the bolded part is my favorite.

Some of our members could certainly benefit from this guide!

Vitamin D
Hahaha..... oh those turtles and bears.
Panty raid FTW.

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