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Full Version: Hello :)
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Hello guys, I am just wondering what is required of me in order to join this tribe. Thanks in advance!
hey hey, welcome to ATHQ.

new members have to go through a waiting period of a month or so before become a tribe member. this gives you a chance to get to know our members and our forum, and allows us to get to know you.

after the waiting period the tribe will take a vote to see if new members are accepted into the tribe.

in the mean time, look up some of us on PSO, and enjoy the forums!

-Sav, Arch Magus of the Apocalypse Tribe
Good places to look are Deneb 10, Antares 8, and Altair 6.
Hi, new faces are always welcome, I'm glad you took the time to check us out.

What are your pso characters and where/when do you play?
Welcome to the AT boards ripper see ya around
Thanks for being so welcoming guys beigesmile.gif. My main character is a HUcast named Ripper1486 and he is lvl 108 so far. I play two other people online sometimes, but they're really my sister and her friend's characters. A FOnewearl named Curly Sue (lvl 56), and a RAmarl named Gangsta Gurl (lvl 44). I hope to see all of you online and Merry Christmas! beigebiggrin.gif
Welcome to the AT forums. beigesmile.gif
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