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Its something even lish would like
Its like everything that is wrong with fanfiction fantasies... and yet its still totally awesome.
Agreed, but that's what makes fanfictions so good. It's everything that makes absolutely no sense and totally cheesy, yet is a wet dream to fanboys everywhere, into a something awesome and highly entertaining.

Overall, for a no budget one man production, it's miles above other people's work. I'm not going to comment on the quality of the 3d art or animation. That's all production value.

Ignoring the fanboy wetdreamism of this work for a second:

Heavily anime and matrix inspired battle scenes (both good and bad). I think this limits its overall mainstream application. I mean it is a fanfic. Overall, the battle scenes are pretty damn good fanfic material and presents it's self just as that.

Cinematography paints an excellent overall sense of action. Both creative, high octane and cheesy. Eliminate the cheesy and it would be spot on.

Overall cuts help to keep the creative action scenes going quick and fast (which is a skill in on its self). It successfully focuses more on the action its self but I would like to see a more artistic or creative use of cuts and angles. This is a fanfic, so it's obvious that it borrows from other people's styles on purpose. Some of the shots are just too quick or not thought out too well enough (this only applies to some of them).

Animation ain't too bad either. Feels like a video game.

Overall, for a fanfic production, this shyt is pretty tight and reeks of total fanboy cheesiness all in one.
Damn HC, I like your critique. You should be newspaper columnist or something.
Damn, AC I like your critique of HC's critique. You should write in a blog.
New video from the same guy.

DOA versus Final Fantasy this time.
Haha, wasn't who I was expecting at the end, but great fanservice indeed.

Dead Fantasy II.

I'll post the HD version when game-trailers stops with their maint.
Holy crap, part 2 was freaking insane! Why can't action movies be like that anymore
QUOTE(Ether @ Mar 30 2008, 07:10 PM) *
Holy crap, part 2 was freaking insane! Why can't action movies be like that anymore

Anymore? What action movie was ever like that? The only movie I can think of that is even close is FF Advent Children, and even THAT doesn't seem very over the top compared to this.

Also, that Rinoa bit at the end was a bit much. Wings? Super sayan fireballs? And then some kingdom hearts weeaboo girl that nobody gives a shit about?

This guy has a lot of talent for action and camerawork, but he needs to put his fanboy game girl fetish aside and start using some other characters. *coughhayabusacoughdante* He's kinda digging deep for "girl action stars" here.
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