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Full Version: Halo 3 warmup
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Since the Halo 3 beta is coming out May 16th, I've been getting back into the swing on the game on Halo 2. Anyone thats up for some AT games can join me, Tanshin, and Naba.

Post your gamertags here so we can invite ya.

P.S. Knightsword pick up that damn Xbox already!
I gotta get down on the beta by buying crackdown you said? Any othter way i can get the beta?

Fucking bastards didn't accept me into the beta...
Yeah, there were 2 prvious chances to get into the beta before crackdown came out, but if you didn't and invite then, Crackdown is the only way.

The good news is, even though they made it seem like its a "limited offer" to get the beta on crackdown, to this day every copy of crackdown made has the beta invite on it.

Although Crackdown is a kickass game in its on right, I can understand if its not everyone's cup of tea, so I'd suggest buy it used/rent it with gamefly and then just sell it back after the beta is over.
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