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Full Version: PSU - We are getting Ultimate Attack :o
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Diversions > Phantasy Star
May 25th

Also the Ambition of the Illuminus ENGLISH website is up:

Sweet! But if we have to use those lame laser guns to purify the SEEDs, I call "not it."
Vitamin D
I second the "not it" haha boo.gif
So is this like challenge mode? Is it a series of missions or just one?

Jawesome! Burning Rangers theme song GO!!!

Apperantly we do get the laser deals but its fun man. At least we won't be doing it by ourselves. I'm pretty sure its all timed to so if we wanna get good ranks we're gonna have to do this AT style. This is gonna be dope!

Plus I knew it, Expansion near the winter! Its gonna be good times. This should have been a front page post!
Can we have like, little laser tag fights?
Coolness. Ultimate laser beaming ftw. Don't forget to put on your goggles... oh and...

Remember guys, don't forget to bring your scape dolls.
Looking at this old post in PSOW when the JP got the event:

Dying doesn't affect your rewards also it looks like we need to farm a bunch of Ban photons...

"Real Handgun* (10)
Burning Rangers Poster (20)
Very Red Room Ticket (50)
Hand Spear (70)*
Gigaline 26% fire (80)
Garment Aura (99)

*only available if exchanged at a ST sanctioned netcafe."

Not sure how they'll handle the netcafe items.

Time to make some armors...
So... Do I need to play some of those solo missions to pick up the goggles and lazer gun or something? I've never touched em.
You should still get them whether you did the story missions or not.
I remember rocking out to burning rangers and the NiGHTs theme in PSO beigebigrazz.gif
Hells yeah man. Its gonna be GG time all month long. I'm totally gonna get a Burning Rangers Poster first.
Garment Aura is target #1 for me. I mean, I already look like a flamer...
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