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I don't know how we missed this but, here we go

One series that never quite caught on in America as it did in Japan is Monster Hunter. Monster Hunter has been pretty much a Playstation franchise, games have only been released for the PS2 (1, 2 and the expansion pack Monster Hunter G), PSP (Monster Hunter Freedom) and Monster Hunter 3 is scheduled for the PS3. Now Capcom is bringing the franchise to PCs with Monster Hunter Frontier. They are beginning a closed beta on January 25, 2007 for Windows PCs. The current specs require gamers to have Windows XP, a Pentium III processor 1 GHz or faster, 256 MB of RAM, a video card with 64MB of memory and at least 800 MB of hard drive space. While the console games have online and offline play, Monster Hunter Freedom is going to be online only. Hunters can group up with up to four other people to play the game. Compared to other MMOs Monster Hunter is limited, but it has a dedicated community similar to Phantasy Star Online. Capcom has not announced any fees for the game or a release outside of Japan at this point. Considering that Capcom is making their online network with Dwango called Daletto and Monster Hunter Frontier is spearheading the project there is a chance that Capcom might want to give the game as much exposure as possible by releasing it overseas.
I'd really like to look into this, since I never got to try the original game with you guys when it was popular here. But I can only do one dungeon crawler at a time. beigebigrazz.gif

It does sound interesting though, so we'll see.
Ah man, hells yeah!
Check out the videos on the JP

Blue link should open a new window.

This is exactly what AT needs.
Hope we see this stateside sometime.
After watching the videos, its looks like they recruited the Oblivion Unicorn to add to the ranks of monsters
Monster hunter gameplay differs a bit from psu, which is a good thing. more hunting and stuff. might be worth it if it comes out before psu.
Until they announce this is actually coming out stateside, I can't get too excited. I don't have the patience for any JP onry bullshit nowadays.
Actually, that unicorn dood is Kirin. He appears in the first version of Monster Hunter; only as an online event. He's a pretty resilient guy and can kill you with one shot from his lightning attacks.

HC: Your totally right. Monster Hunter is much more scavenger based. Pretty much everything you'll want, rare weapons & armor, to quality healing products you will make yourself. I'm also assuming getting groups will be much easier compared to PSU. Its instance based just like PSU except all quests are joined/selected from only one area, the tavern. This is of course assuming they follow a similar format to the original Monster Hunter. 8 people could join the town area, but only 4 could go on a mission together. I'm guessing the towns would just be able to hold a ot more people for this version of MH, like MMO size proportions.

In any case, judging from the videos it seems like Frontier would be based on the the second series which was only released in JP. A feature thats in that has been implemented in Monster Hunter Dos, that has always intruiged me is PVP. Its seems pretty dope the way they set it up. Basically, you capture yourself one of the many wyverns you'll be pitted against in the game, then go to a stadium, and duel it out. Ala Pokemon style where you must defeat your opponents wyvern or have your wyvern defeat him.

Some videos.


Team PVP

I'm a bit skeptical on this seeing a US release. However Capcom is very unpredictable, they've proven this by voiding Resident Evil 4 Gamecube only, making Devil May Cry 4 multi-platform, dropping Clover studios, bringing the Phoenix Wright games to US shores, and a bunch of other stuff. One thing that can be predicted about Capcom, they have a good business sense and if there is money to be made they will surely jump on it. As it is, Monster Hunter Dos is pay to play in Japan, and I'm pretty sure Frontiers will be too. So who knows, its really anybody's guess. only if the $$$ is good.
I am so fucking down for this game man.
Vitamin D
Mmmmm looks tasty! I love MH man, if we get this, I'm so down. levelup.png
Some intel a found out about our the game. First off, the game is still in a TBA state in JP. So until the game is released there, we have no idea if we will ever see it. Anyway, this info was obtained from the gamefaqs message boards which in turn was taken from the Capcom boards. So take it with a grain of salt however, I myself think there is some credibility to this.

Just incase no one reads the Capcom BB, here's what Sven has to say about Monster Hunter Frontier.

- Did you guys inside Capcom ever thought about localizing Monster Hunter Frontier, which will be soon released in Japan?

Yes, we're considering it

- If so, how are our chances of ever getting the game in English? High, low or unsure?

Unsure still

- Since MHFrontier will be for PC, will it be easier or harder to localize? Would that influence the decision of localizing it or not?

The process is neither easier or harder, but there is just a LOT of content and the online nature of Frontier means that it's an ongoing task.

- If MHFrontier is NOT to be released... could you please say so and not leave me hopefully waiting like I did with MH2?

I just don't know yet. Truthfully, making this decision has been on my plate for a few months and I haven't been able to do the due dilligence on what hosting costs would be here and what the forecast would be to see if the business opportunity makes sense. I certainly know there are a hardcore group of people who want it and when I return from vacation, I'll take a stab at completing the evaluation.

Another post of his on the subject.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Monster Hunter as a brand is one of our biggest opportunities in the US (and Europe), but that growth has to come organically. Brute force, money cannon marketing isn't the solution here for long term sustainability of the brand because it already has a track record (good, bad or otherwise). To justify anything near a TV capable budget, the game would have to sell about 500% or more of what it did in its last outting and that's just not a realistic growth curve from iteration to iteration.

There aren't a ton of people who play MH games, but there's enough of a base to work from and the people who do play are fanatical about it. If we can keep attracting people to the franchise outting after outting and those people get their friends playing (which is how its grown the way it has so far), then in the long term we're going to have a very healthy MH ecosystem (both from a social standpoint and an economic one). MHF1 was CEI's best selling PSP title and that's encouraging. We're even more optimistic about MHF2 as we believe it's an even better product.

Japan has shown MH to be wildly successful by tapping into some social mechanics that are fairly distinctly Japanese (particuarly face-to-face portable gaming). If we can facilitate those sorts of interactions here and in the longer term, make a few additions to future MH products to make them more acceptable by broader US audiences we could have a megahit on our hands here too.

There's just soooo much content in these games (MHF2 especially). It's like having an MMOG in the palm of your hands for MHF... As for Frontier, we'll see what happens. Again, I'll be taking a closer look at it when I return from vacation (where I'm posting from right now).

They are keeping MHFreedom2 offline, right? Without online I don't see how they can get the "500% growth" or whatever the hell they are looking at for the US. Japan is stupid if they prefer "Face to face" portable gaming in place of online support.
MHF2 is online (At least the back of the box says so. beigebigrazz.gif). I picked it up earlier today and this game is the fucking balls! I wish it were PS2, but hey, i'm just clad i can play! These new boss mobs are fucking harsh!
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