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Full Version: Greetings, Apocalypse Tribe!
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Greetings, everyone! AC9Breaker told me it'd be a good idea to make a hello thread as a first step to joining the Apocalypse Tribe, so here I am and here it is. Pleased to meet you all!

I've been playing PSU since its release (even pre-ordered it, which is something I don't do all that often), but you'd be hard-pressed to tell at this point. I spent my first few weeks of play beating the offline Story Mode, which left me way behind all the other people who'd gotten the game at release. After lollygagging my way to level 60, I decided that PSU was taking up too much of my time and made several unsuccessful attempts to quit (same as I did in PSO, come to think of it). I'm still working on getting back to the point I used to be at, but I'm determined to be... I dunno, less intense about it, if that makes any sense. Loosen up and have fun with it rather than trying to get everything at once, y'know?

I've already met AC9Breaker and Retehi, and if they're any indication of the way the rest of you behave, then I look forward to playing with you all. A word of warning: when playing with me, make sure one of your chat shortcuts is set to say "!9". You'll appreciate the ability to throw out agonized groans on command when I start cracking lame puns.
Well met and welcome to ATHQ.
Welcome and enjoy your stay at the tribe dj.gif
On behalf of everyone here at AT, I welcome you to the Tribe forums! I am their leader! Officially? that's for you to decide. king.gif

We're not about gaming more than we are about consuming mass amounts of alcohol! Can you accomplish this feat?!
Hello and welcome.

Now you're part of the in crowd. Now you get to win the lotto on a daily basis and have your own servants attend to your every whim.

Ok, not really, but it's just as cool.
Vitamin D
Hey Kupi, don't know if you remember me or not, but I'm the same Vitamin D from PSO-World and The Arcade. In any case, good to see ya, and welcome. shades.gif
wassup.gif Look forward to playing with you, dode.
Welcome to at-emote1.gif ! The red box of the net! rappy-walk.gif
Hey there! See you on PSU! rappy-walk.gif
QUOTE(AC9breaker @ May 5 2007, 02:16 AM) [snapback]27063[/snapback]

Welcome to at-emote1.gif ! The red box of the net! rappy-walk.gif

It's that thing you've been trying to find for months, only it turns out it's actually a Photon Drop?
He actually means you can rent DVDs here for $1 a day, and get shitty fattening food at the same time.
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