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Full Version: Spiderman 3
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Anyone watched this yet?
I wasn't expecting much out of it but it was pretty enjoyable.
Venom was pretty cool, though it was somewhat weird hearing him talk. Just something odd about how they animated his mouth when he talks at some points. Sandman was pretty cool also.

I give it 3 SCU's and a Mario.
scu.gif scu.gif scu.gif mario.gif
Holy crap!
That's like all awards wrapped in one!!!

I really liked it, though i'm a little partial to the first two movies. I just think they went a little over the top at the end.
You know I've been looking around the net and I can't fucking believe how so many people thought this movie was just "okay" This movie was a fucking giant steaming pile of camel shit. I mean for real man, WHAT THE FUCK!? What ever happened to acting? I like my actors to act their emotions and not fucking tell me them. Sandman @ his apartment talking to his wife. "I'm not a badguy, I just have badluck!" NO FUCKING SHIT! You cold have fooled me! I guess Sand-man must moonlight as Captain Mutherfucking Obvious when hes not robbing banks.

Also what the fuck!? who directed this movie? Some 80 year old wrinkle dood? Why the hell would people my age think doing a dance like the twist with their fellow peers would be anything but fucking asinine!? Or the directors interpretation of peter parker going to the darkside means him acting like John Travolta from Grease. WOW HE'S SUCH A BADGUY! I BET HE DOESN'T USE A COASTER WHEN HE HAS A COLD DRINK TOO! The haircut totally sealed the deal as well.

Another note, I thought this was Spider-man 3? Not fucking Larry King Live. Whats up with all the fucking lets sit down and talk for half an hour scenes? In one scene when peter is talking to Aunt May, she tells him to sit down. We then watch as she gets water, puts it in a pot heats it up, gets plates and cups, cuts some cake, serves the coffee and then sips it before they finally start talking. WHY THE FUCK DID WE NEED TO SEE ALL THAT?

Finally, WHAT THE FUCK @ plot devices!? They totally fucking ran out of ideas at the end. The butler has to be the most ridiculous plot device in all of cinema history. For people who actually still want to see the movie, I'm not gonna spoil it but needless to say it was fucking lazy and stupid. You know theres so much more I can say about this movie but I need to get some sleep. In closing I'd like to say this, Uwe Bowl couldn't have done a worse job... If it weren't for the fact that this movie had a 258 million dollar budget and was loosely based off of something dope like Spider-man, then it would have gone done in history as the worst movie ever filmed.

It pains me, but this this movie has earned this rating. 4 Dive banning and one constipated Tanshin

divebanned.gif divebanned.gif divebanned.gif divebanned.gif IPB Image

Good game hollywood, good fucking game...
I don't know, the movie had a lot of golden moments. Like this pie eating scene:
IPB Image

And I thought Peter doing the hustle after buying new clothes was fucking gold, I laughed my ass off. So in summary, I thought the movie was IPB Image

(but really, yea, it was pretty bad on some parts.)
I'll admit to it being lazy at some points, like the scene with the butler, but I really didn't think it was that bad, just a bit rushed. The whole dance scene, peter hitting on girls, and doing small time bad deeds, that's a very sam raimi esque style. I, like tanshin laughed my ass off during the whole dance scene. The emotional acting part, well, the ending was sad I guess, but I was hit more by the scene where (Here comes a spoiler.) Mary Jane shutdown peter on the bridge, and then out of a last moment of desperation, he showed her the ring. You could tell it tore them both apart, and I thought it was a pretty powerful moment for the movie. (Spoiler over.)

As for the facts? A lot of them were still stuck pretty close to the source. In fact the only few I can think of that were wrong were how the symbiote suit arrived, and of course, venom being killed at the end. Also, props to topher grace, I thought he played a great role as eddie brock. I would have been more interested in seeing him as brock, than as venom. The past two movies were about a goal, and more or less, peter parker and mary jane, and I think that because it took a different turn from that, a lot of people may have strayed from it a bit. In any case, it's all about a personal opinion. I still thought ti was good. ;)

My final vote was a 3.8/5. Go for the entertainment, less for the something great the first two movies left.
Thats not to say that I didn't have fun. I had a ball watching this movie. It was great screaming out loud, "zap yo dumb ass" in the theater when Peter backhanded Mary Jane down in the club. Also the butler telling Harry Osbourne, "I loved your father" followed by my cousin saying out loud "IN THE ASS!" I had a lot more fun making fun of the movie with my cousins, then actually watching it. I could see this movie being aired on MST3k.

Also, whats up with all the American Flag photo-ops? PATRIOTISM MUCH!? OLOL. I'm as much a patriotic citizen as everyone else but fuck man, thats a little too much now.

But here's someExpert video commentary. To back my argument.

Ninja Edit: lol yeah the pie scene was actually good!
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