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Full Version: AT Wants You for Operation: Firebreak!
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The Apocalypse Tribe Wants You
for Operation: Firebreak!!

Operation Firebreak, a new global event, is headed for the PC, Playstation 2, and Xbox 360 servers! In this event, GUARDIANS across all servers will work together to stop the SEED invasion. Fight alongside your friends exciting new quests that will require different strategies and tactics, purify all new SEED enemies, and earn exclusive items available only during the Firebreak event! All GUARDIANS are requested to participate; the fate of Gurhal is in your hands!

Operation: Firebreak will start on May 25th!

Not sure how many of us here will be participating but I guess the usual set-up will be used here. So that means a whole bunch of Ventrilo voice chatz and maybe the casual AIM chatroom. An exact timeframe will be determined. Also, I will probably capture the game on FRAPS after a few runs.

Excited? I know this guy is!
IPB Image

We got 12 of the team online, let's do this thing!
Vitamin D
Haha those pictures are dope man. I'm psyched for this man, let's do it big. untitled-2.gif
I took the liberty to plan out our attack strategy guys. Tell me what you think

AC's plan will prevail over any foe.
Once may 25th comes i'll probably be PSUing it up a bit more.
I honestly haven't been playing any games recently.
I recommend DragonForce's "Through the Fire and the Flames" or "Storming the Burning Fields" as the soundtrack for the inevitable music video.

I look forward to joining the fun, so long as I can ever get past this "GameGuard initialization error, please restart" error. ffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Very good choices, Kupi. Great job on the comic, donkey.
Is this already online tonight, or will it be up tomorrow morning?
Tomorrow morning. I won't be on till late since I'm catching the new pirates movie tomorrow pirate.gif
The nice thing about these missions was that you can park your scapes in your bank. What's more, the higher ranks have some nice payouts. If you need to level PA's or even a new character, this is the perfect time.
On a side note, A Grinders are indeed out now. So more than likely, no ones gonna be able to kill anything, since they probably broke all their weapons already. beigedead.gif
Vitamin D
I have some Kubara weapons that I made that I plan to grind the hell out of, but yeah my others I'm a little more cautious haha.
AIM Chatroom is set up. IM either me or retehi (or whoever else) for an invite. Chatroom is called "FIYABREAKZZZ" if you want to invite yourself. I'm also on Vent but going to be afk till later on tonight after I get back from the movies.
Oh snap, the Firebreak main page is cool!

I'm a bit surprised that we already have 5 million points and its only been like 2 days. Looks like the Parum one is going to be the hardest. My favorite seed mission so far is Moatoob. Its like olol kill these doodz now!
Vitamin D
I've had a chance to go through all 5, and the basic break down is like this.


The set up here is like an even speedier Bruce's Dungeon Run (that is, if you get the times for S every time). It's a lot of fun to do them, as you do have to split the team several times in each mission. And its MAD mission points for clearing them, I haven't seen S rank on the second one, but for A rank, you get over 100 mp.


lolweaksauce. yeah Neudaiz is a joke, all that really needs to happen is purify the seed cores, and kill the enemies, no time limit. The MP is good too, so it's great if you want to level up jobs and PAs. It's the easiest of the planets by far, so it might not need too much attention.


As AC said, this one mission is 25 minutes long, and the battle plan? Kill everything. The party limit for the mission however is only 4 people, so it has this super old school vibe too it. In any case, it's mad fun, but it's not easy. The enemy levels range from like 85-100, and 25 min sounds like a long time, but considering the deed to be done, it's still a challenge.

and that's Operation "FIYABREAKZZ" overall. Now the rest of you get on, dammit.
I think I need to put together another death reel.
The best part about these missions is watching people run into the lava spots and start taking 300 damage a second
My subscription ran out.

They planned this didn't they? Right when they actually release decent content. Bastids...
Neudaiz is 100% purified!
Let's move on to Moatoob peeps!
The moatoob mission is the bomb for skilling up PAs.
Damn you people, your gonna make me wanna waste 15 bucks and try this shit out!
Edit: It's 10 bucks and I just renewed. Darn you All!!!

The inner jew rages against this action, but kicking ass and taking names is a must.
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