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Full Version: Onimusha: The movie
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So I guess pigs have wings now or something cause I tuned into TV at around 7ish and decided to watch some Attack of The Show. The Feed came up and they reported that a Director for Onimusha had just been announced, Christopher Gans. I call him Christopher Ganz cause he's pretty leet. You doods may remember him as the director of the Silent Hill movie. I think he did the games justice bringing them to the big screen. However a few here may not have heard of a film called Brotherhood of the Wolf. I'm sure Dive could attest to how sweet the movie was shot. The best opening scene in any movie ever. Anyway, seeing those two films, I think Christopher Ganz shows a lot of promise and is a favorite in my book. I feel he's gonna do the Onimusha games very well, he seems very sensible and I mean come'on. Zombies, Ninjas, and Samurais? All this movie will need is some boob shots and it could very well be the best movie ever. beigelaugh.gif
Sounds good to me. I'm not really familiar with Onimusha, but Brotherhood of the Wolf and Silent Hill are a good pedigree for a VG movie director. Like you said, add boobs and I'm there on day one.
Vitamin D
I think an Onimusha movie would be pretty hard to mess up. The CS of the games are already movie like and epic, so all that would really need to be done is recreate that. I look forward to seeing it. ninja2.gif
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