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Full Version: Firebreak scores thus far.
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Well looked at the totals for Firebreak here is how it is atm
66,960,290 out of 80,000,000

Nudaiz =complete

Parum is sitting at 34%

and Moatoob is at 36%

Things aren't down to the wire yet but... I can't help but wonder if the whole player base will get it together and get the other 2 planets complete.

Your thoughts guys?
I still say Parum and Moatoob are SOL. When we did this on the JP servers, Neudaiz was done within the first weekend the event started. The other two almost didn't make it if I remember right. We could very well see that here though. Good luck to you guys though.
I think its time for me to get back on and jack those scores up with my skillz.

The Crushinator may became an hero, its called starSHIP earf!
awesome, hey Crushinator what server sdo you play on?
Those scores are pretty pathetic. I renewed my subscription too, so it looks like I'm gonna have to get busy.
Awesome I have to make a quick trip to pick up resident evil 4 for Wii when i get off work but I will log in once i get home. If you are on ps2/pc I will look for ya.
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