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Full Version: Happy 4th!
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Just wanna wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July! Beez, Transformers, and quarter sticks of dynamite. Life am good.

Be safe doodz!
Fiya crackaz to da face! bazooka.gif

Have a safe one.
Aww man I don't know what to do today, I never liked mixing beer and flammable objects. beigelaugh.gif

Have a safe one guys, don't blow off any limbs there AC. <_<
Have fun, be safe, and don't forget the people that sacrificed themselves so you can play with explosives today.
Eat some MEAT!

Happy fourth you guys! Get drunk! I'm gonna sit around and recover today.
Happy 4th of July everyone here's what's left of my fireworks stash, i used half of them last night cause alyssa and my b/f's niece wouldnt stop bugging me, i'll do the rest of these tonight when we get home from the city's fireworks

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