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Just got back from seeing Transformers and all I gotta say is...


6 AT's out of 5

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I'll post my review tomorrow. Gotta a lot of stuff to do now, But I recommend everyone go see it.
I thought it was really fun, the robots were top notch, and one thing that stood out for me was the SOUND. All the smashing and stomping and weapon effects really made the movie for me.

One thing I thought was kinda weak was the lack of personality for any of the Decepticons (and the Autobots aside from Bumblebee and Prime for the most part, too.) Like where Megatron says "You fail me yet again, Starscream!" unless you've seen the cartoon before, how the hell would you understand the context of that? Starscream says like 2 things in the whole damn movie, one of which is "Hail megatron!". Also how the Autobots have their little intro bits (I'm the crazy weapons guy! I'm the blunt medic! I'm black!), and then don't really say much for the rest of the movie, or even do anything that exhibits their character, just smash shit.

Also why does only the black transformer die!? Classic movie racism.

I give it 4 neet norts out of 5. crushinated.gif

EDIT: Also they didn't have a transformers theme song, and I didn't hear "You got the touch" one goddamn time. :(
To answer your question, because they didn't include Hot Rod in the movie.
Vitamin D
Hahaha your second spoiler had me the thinking the EXACT same thing Crush. But yeah, Transformers is dope man. I think the voice of Peter Cullen was what really kept me excited. His voice does the perfect job of letting you know "yeah, this IS Transformers." It even has one last Prime, Megatron showdown, compete with nostalgic dialog. Overall I liked the movie a whole lot, its filled with scenes that will give you Dejavu, it's actually pretty funny, and has the most amazing eye candy to date. It's dope, go see it.

And seeing my favorite Decepticon, Starscream, kick some serious ass was unbelievably satisfying. AND he gets away at the end, that sly devil haha.

See you again in 2009, kids!
Wow the movie was actually good.
Probably gonna go watch it again haha.

Other than the GM vehicles, they seem to promote Apple alot with the Apple cinema displays and Macbook Pros.
The book was better.

Based on positive reviews, i'll see it on friday.
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Jul 4 2007, 02:34 PM) *
I thought it was really fun, the robots were top notch, and one thing that stood out for me was the SOUND. All the smashing and stomping and weapon effects really made the movie for me.

Amen Brotha, the movie sounded awesome and the music fit all the scenes perfectly. /linkin park beigelaugh.gif . Anyway, What I loved the most was if you payed attention during some of the transformations, you heard the oldschool transforing sound effect in the background. I thought it was a sweet touch. In paricular. Optimus Prime voice. As soon as I heard him talk, I turned into a 5 year old again. It was like god was talking to me. I don't know about anyone else but Optimus Prime has to have the single greatest voice in all of human existence. Every time he had to say some, my eyes would water, He made the most insignificant shit sound , important, meaningful, majestic, noble. "Bumblebee, stop spraying lubricants on that human..." I'm sure he could bring about world peace with that voice alone haha.

Now I grew up with Transformers here just like everyone else. But I think, I was always more of a Voltron fan than transformers, as my memories of the cartoon are all a haze. However, once the movie was over, I wish I was a hardcore Transformer fan. From what I do remember of the series, they did everything justice and it was just so badass. They captured the feel of the show so great. Even the scenes without giant robots where well done too. The movie seemed naturally, and genuinely funny. The humor wasn't at all forced or weak like certain other blockbuster films that have 3 villains and a wall crawling main hero.

I have to agree with some stuff you said though Crush. Seemed like Michael Bay got a little too ambitious and included too many things that never seem to conclude. Like what the hell happened to the hackers working for the CIA. Soon as they called the air force, we never heard from them again or what happened to them. If they showed it during or after the credits, I didn't see it, cause I wanted to beat traffic and left fast. Also would have liked to see more personality from the Decepticons. But overall, I think the movie flowed nicely and although I would have preferred a much more complete D'enouement, I thought everything fit in place nicely. I loved every scene with Ironhide, haha.

Also, I thought the same shit everyone else did when I saw Jazz, but I think it was to pay Tribute to the original actor that played him. Since if I remember correctly he passed away. But that Pontiac looked pretty dope, lol!
Jazz was was always meant to be "black", they just updated him from 80's Ebonics.

They shoulda dug Scatman Crothers from the grave to voice Jazz again!

Crothers died the year the movie came out. I'll probably check it out myself this weekend. I wasn't really a hard-core fan myself back in the day either.
just got home about an hr ago from seeing this movie... almost didn't go but my b/f dragged me out the door by saying if you don't go I'll leave you here and me and Alyssa will go see it i hate the theater here but I drug my grumpy ass out and I'm glad i did, enjoyed every minute of it, so did Alyssa who's only 8 and has never seen a transformers cartoon, it gets her approval too...i thought i was going to have to duct tape her mouth she wouldn't stop talking about the movie till i got her butt into bed. I'll have to buy this once it comes out
I finally got to seeing it and was rather impressed. Bumble Bee and Prime rocked the shit man.
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