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Full Version: Welcome Rain!
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Just thought we should give a warm at-emote1.gif welcome to newly registered member Rain. He's an active community member over at the PSOW message boards and we've had quite a few games. I'm sure other AT'ers who play PSU are already familiar with him and have grouped up and had shared some GGs together. Soooo, welcome to AT dood. Use this oppertunity to tell us about yourself and make yourself known. trophy.gif at-emote2.gif
I loved you in Ultimate MK3.



Hey nice to see you around here, hopefully you enjoy our occasional madness. Make yourself at home!
Vitamin D
Haha good deal. Nice to see you around here Rain, and welcome. toast.gif

Is this you? :O guitarist.gif
Yo man, welcome to the forums.
Hahaha, Crushinator rocks (and so does that song)... XD

Thanks for the welcome, everyone. Hehe.

Anyway, about myself? Uh, I registered here after getting annoyed at reading all the posts on PSOW. :P Now I'm just drifting all over the net looking for any fun PSO/PSU communities to hang around in. As I was searching, I remembered AC9 had a site in his partner card, so I decided to check out AT (finally), and yeah, here I am now.

When I play PSU, it's all about the non-optimal class/race combos. My main (Rain) is a Newman fF/FiG/PT, and my first alt (Fifth) is a Cast fT/WT/GT. I'm also a big cam-whore on PSU, so I 'll probably post a shiatload of pics in the screenshot thread.

Anyway, I don't really don't know what else to talk about, so things will come up I guess as you guys see me more, or something. >.>

Nice meeting you all.
WUD UP untitled-2.gif
i know Rain from rpgfan forums and irc chan #rpgfan
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