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Full Version: The Depths of The Mind
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Allright in the hope that by posting a tidbit of what I've been writing, I might be encouraged to finish the story, here's a teaser to the backtory for my main GameCube PSO character: Amiens.

I would have posted this in the character thread, but... Well I tend to write alot *lol* so I decided to make a separate thread for this instead of clogging the other one.

If you'd like to see the rest of it, tell me =)


As his relaxed figure sat in silence, with his eyes closed and hands palms up on his knees, a perfect Zen pose one might say, he suddenly felt the pull on his conscience:

It's time.

Suddenly, as if he had been placed in the coldest depths of space in the manner of an instant, his mind was shocked into full consciousness and his meditation cut short. The room and its low lighting suddenly came into full focus in both his eyes and mind, a stark contrast to the inner beauty and peace found within his meditative world.

It is time, Amiens... Time to go and finish what I started.

"Why?" he asked aloud to the voice. [Could he even call it a voice?]

It was my destiny to help Apocalypse Tribe to greatness, as it is now yours. Though, I, Oneida, am no longer of body, you are me, and I, you. Our destinies are one and the same.

Amiens and his twin sister had always shared a special bond, everyone had said.
'Yeah... they had no idea how special' Amiens thought to himself.

During the course of their lives, they had shared everything: their careers (both had become Force Hunters), their memories, their life's events, their thoughts...

Directly following the tragic death of his twin sister, Amiens had been found in his room on Pioneer 2 comatose. The whole of the medical team on board could not comprehend what had occurred or why, merely that Amiens had suddenly gone into a comatose state exactly at the same time his sister had died on Ragol during a particularly risky mission with the Guild named Apocalypse Tribe.

A medical team was assigned to monitor his condition. Months went by without change and many began to give up hope of any recovery for Amiens...


Oh Oneida died? This sounds interesting I would like to read more.
QUOTE (Dive @ Jun 3 2003, 02:43 AM)
Oh Oneida died? This sounds interesting I would like to read more.

I have alot of stuff planned for the storyline

Looking at the list... this might turn into a book!

Ok, I'm intrigued. =)

I can tell by what little you've shown us that I'll really enjoy your writing style.

Please keep it coming. =D
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