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Has anyone tried this excellent gaming service out? I been subscribed for over 6 months now, and I'm more than impressed. Initially I subscribed to play Sam & Max, but there are plenty of other games to play that kept me around. Namely they released every King of Fighters game up to 2003 on there. As well as Street Fighter up to Alpha 3. You can play against other Game Tap players in challenge mode. Which is a plus. What I like though is they are trying to up the number of new released titles. Right now you can play Tomb Raider Anneversary (which kicks ass btw if you have not played). Another surprise was Overlord will be coming out 8/9 for Game Tap. I was going to buy it since I've heard its an awesome game, now I can download it with no extra cost.

I hope PC gaming goes down this route. You just pay a monthly service and have access to the latest games. I'm tired of buying software, and having to keep the boxes and cd/dvds around incase I need to reinstall. Not to mention it would reduce piracy

Anyway just sharing. Laters.
Gametap is a very sexy decision for any casual gamer. You've got tons of old school games at your finger tips for a pretty decent fee. Problem for me is that if I want to play any of those game, I just fire up my old systems and I'm good to go. The other reality is free time. Meaning, when I game, my gaming time is limited to only so many titles. Those titles I prefer to play are usually new high-end releases, something gametap does not offer.

Point is, I don't fit into the gametap targeted demographic. Now, If I were in, let's say grade school or junior high, I would be able to enjoy gametap and keep up with the newest releases. Chance are, I would just flood myself with more new releases then indulge in the oldschool, that I aleady enjoyed in the past.

If I had children, or was younger, I would get gametap since those older games are hard to come by and some times kick the shit out of newer games.

Gametap is really for a certain type of gamer, or for the casual gamers. Now, taking the notion of gametap and applying it to all the new highend releases would be cool, but the bottom line is that if it isn't more profitable then selling a game individually, it won't happen. I can see gametap working for lower budget games that are new releases (like overlord), and if they had enough of those titles, it would be worth the purchase for me, but also, this service then competes dircetly against gaming rental services, which offer new release for rent the moment the game comes out. Overall, a gametap like service can cause rental services to become extinct if you could sit on your ass and rent downloaded games for a certain time frame instead of renting it at a store.

Point is, there is a unexplored potential in this area, but it's risky. Personally, I feel gametap is going ok. I thought it's a great idea, but also realize that I personally wouldn't use the service. Funny, no?
I like that you can get some older PC titles with upgraded compatibility for windows XP on there, and the exclusives like sam + max and tomb raider are cool. Its a good way to catch up on PC stuff you might have missed.

However for the old arcade/genesis/DC stuff, I find it easier and more versatile to play it through an emulator pirate.gif
Awesome points. I am a casual gamer, former hardcore gamer, simply because I do not have the time play and most new games out there do not interest me. I like gametap because I can catch up on stuff I skipped like the Silent Hill series, and Deus Ex. Plus it's cheap.
Game Tap never really caught my interest. For a vast majority of the games they offer, that's why we have these wonderful things called emulators. Whatever gaming time I do have (especially while school's in session) is spent on PSU or whatever else may interest me.
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