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So with the plethora of huge title games dropping this holiday season, CoD4, MGS4, Halo 3, Smash Brothers, Zelda: PH, etc. I'm sure there are some interesting games that we may not be hearing much of. For example this little gem on the Nintendo DS. Dementium: The Ward
Survival Horror FPS type game for the nintendo DS? HELL YEAH It looks pretty spooky and borrows some ques from Doom 3 with the flashlight and everything. I'm really looking foward to playing this, I remember being startled by Resident Evil:DS while I was playing it one day waiting for my car at the mechanics, haha. So this one should totally be a blast!

For PS2 I've been keeping an eye on a a game calledSoul Nomad & The World Eaters. Its another jip-jap weeaboo Strategy RPG from Nippon Ichi. Ive always had fun playing their games and their ever changing styles for battle interface. This one looks like a combination of Advance Wars type fighting and the standard Turn base grid type battle you would expect from Strategy RPG games. The concept of the game seems pretty fun too, you get to control the strongest dood in the game and decide weather you unleash the full power and damn yourself to hell or not and damn yourself to getting owned by the enemy. trophy.gif

Anything you doods have to add? MINESWEEPER???
One that I'm really excited about is Stuntman: Ignition for 360/PS3. Its the long-overdue sequel to the PS2 cult game Stuntman, where you play as a Hollwood stunt driver, doing all kinds of crazy stunts for movie productions. The premise is great and very original, and allows for lots of variety in the types of driving you get to do. The best part is after you clear all the stunts for a movie, it splices your actual replays into a "movie trailer" for the film you were shooting.

The original was definetly a gamer's game; brutalizing difficulty, perfect skill required for some of the later stages, and the sequel doesn't hold any punches either (from the demo I played on XBL). The biggest problem with the original was terrible load times, sometimes almost a minute EACH time you failed a stunt (which happens a lot, just the nature of the game.) With the new one, the load times are basically nonexistant, restarts are immediate. There is also supposed to be some kind of online component, multiplayer stunt derbys or something? I'm not sure.
PSU expansion and FF4DS.
GH III, MGS4, Smash Brawl, hacku G.U. vol 3. These are the games I am looking forward to.
Vitamin D
QUOTE(Wiryu @ Aug 10 2007, 04:22 PM) *
GH III, MGS4, Smash Brawl, hacku G.U. vol 3. These are the games I am looking forward to.

I'm stealing this list and adding Luminous Arc to it. The end. guitarist.gif
Now that I'm a 360 owner, I'm looking forward to Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Soul Caliber 4, and I suppose Halo 3.
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