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Full Version: Just Attack. Just Counter. Just Do It.
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Observe the attack icons!
This weeks update for JP PSU saw the implementaion of the Just Attack, Just Counter, and various other things in PSU.

First off, lets talk about Just Attack.

First off, just attack is based off of your currently equipped weapons time. The first attack is initiated, once that is started you can choose to continue with a Regular just attack, or a Photon art Just attack. A just attack is a 100% critical hit. Just attacks also cause additional PP recovery. I'm not sure if the amount recovered is definite or what but it is certainly significant and extremely noticeable.

Next point, as I stated before Just Attack is based off of your weapons attack time. Just attack is triggered when you press the buttons at the end of the attack animation. Fists, Daggers, and Sabers seem relatively easy. Swords however are a bit tricky. Haven't messed around with other weapons enough to give an opinion on them.

At first it seemed difficult to tell if we where doing just attack properly but the game lets you know your doing it right subtly. heres how:

Notice the pink circle around the button I just pressed. All of us should be familiar with that by now.

Now notice here, the circle seems to be doubled. This is indication that I performed a Just Attack. That attack in particular was a Just Attack Photon Art I performed. The same type of representation is also portrayed with Regular Just attacks.

Now lets review:
1: Just attack is triggered by pressing the desired attack at the end of the weapons attack animation.

2: First hit of a combo is always normal, any following attacks in the combo can be made to Just Attack'D

3: Triggering a just attack causes additional PP recovery. Amount recovered seems to vary.

4: All Just Attack hits are criticals, yes. Even Photon Art Just attacks.

5: To properly tell if one has performed a Just Attack, The attack is represented by Double Circles appearing from the icon of the button that was pressed.

6: Just Attack feature is mega hella awesome and makes PSU over 9000.

Now onto Just Counter.

Just counter is an attack that is activated once the player press the desired attack at the right time during a block animation. Melee, Range and Techs can all be used in a Just Counter. Melee attacks from Just Counters are 100% criticals. Just counter attacks as Range or Techs however are not criticals. At the moment, it is unclear weather Just Counter attacks from range or Techs recieve any kind of bonuses but there doesn't appear to be indication that they do. They only observable bonus I was able to make was a quicker then normal reaction time.

Some images to illustrate Just Counter.

Here's my character commencing a Just Counter attack with my Handgun.

It was speculated when we first heard about Just Counter that perhaps we would be temporarily invincible. This image should bring to rest any further speculation.

I was still getting hit and even had my Just Counter Attacks Canceled by the blocking animation.
Just Counter doesn't seem as practical as Just Attack, however I think its because it seems to require a bit more practice and more thought on when to use it and what types of attack to use for it then Just Attack. It reminds me a bit of Street Fighter 3rd Strike and the Parry system. If you where skilled enough you could parry a hit from a combo and perform your super combo canceling out their combo and doing massive damage at the same time. But it all relied on your knowledge of what you can avoid and what you can't avoid. Its certainly interesting.

Oh yeahd, I know this doesn't have anything to do with Just Attack and Just Counter but...

Guess what job this is!
Vitamin D
Sweet info fellas, this stuff sounds extra ill. guitarist.gif I really like the idea of Just Attack and Counter, and anything that reminds me of Street Fighter is certainly welcome haha. Keep hooking up the info when you can.
Sounds fucking awesome. So they just added this in with a patch? You don't need to have the expansion for it? :O
QUOTE(Crushinator @ Sep 19 2007, 12:35 AM) *
Sounds fucking awesome. So they just added this in with a patch? You don't need to have the expansion for it? :O

No need for the expansion. The thing is that you don't get the flashy graphical effects thats going to be in the expansion. Only thing you can rely on is the attack icon flashing.
Of course there are times when JA is less than advantageous. This is especially true with weapons like swords and axes. Though the damage is great, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a really clean shot.
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